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Omega Institute Women & Men Advancing Gender Equality Together by Carla Goldstein
Carla Goldstein talks about building a stronger partnership between women and men; partnership that acknowledges and embraces our interdependence, and that builds on our mutual interests in achieving gender equality. International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world to honor women's accomplishments and name the work that still lies ahead to bring about gender equality. More
Ai-jen Poo
What’s Possible: An Interview With Ai-jen Poo
Marianne: When you hear the term power, what does it bring up in you? How do you define power? Ai-jen: We talk a lot about the importance of organizing, especially among women, because we believe that we need to build power to change the world and win for women everywhere—particularly low income women. When I hear the term power, what it brings up is what it takes to win meaningful change in people's lives at scale, and that's the kind of power that we're interested in building. More
How Women Can Ignite Their Inner Warrior
By doing the personal work to have emotional freedom and a compassionate heart, Debbie Ford says we will find our inner warrior who will forge ahead in love. More
Joan Halifax Roshi
What’s Possible: An Interview with Joan Halifax Roshi
Marianne: The Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC) is exploring how to create a new paradigm around power and leadership, particularly when it comes to women. When you hear the term power, what does that mean to you? What would a new paradigm of power look like? More
Omega Institute Yes, We Still Need a Women's Movement—for the Sake of Everybody by Carla Goldstein
In any discussion about the relevance of the women's movement, outrage has its place; like when an elected official talks about "legitimate rape," or a young pregnant woman dies of aggressive cancer because the state protects her fetus instead of her; or a woman is stoned to death for adultery; or a public official is censored for saying the word vagina in a policy debate. The supply of the outrageous is vast enough to keep us in a state of perma-scream. But that's not sustainable. More
Sally Field
What's Possible: An Interview With Sally Field
Marianne: The Omega Women’s Leadership Center is looking to redefine power and catalyze a new way of envisioning women’s leadership. What is true power and how do you think it should be used? More
Marc David
From one coach to another, nutrition consultant and eating psychologist Marc David offers six secrets for success. More
What's Possible: An Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup
Marianne: Your philosophy toward women’s health and wellness is very synergistic to the Omega Women’s Leadership Center’s approach to leadership, in terms of learning to tune into our inner wisdom. How would you, personally, define power? What does power mean to you? More
Marion Woodman
We’ve invented the wheel, cracked the code of DNA—so what's next for humankind? Marion Woodman, a pioneering Jungian analyst, and the author of ten books, believes that individuals and societies were meant to grow. And our best chance for growth, she thinks, is to bring the feminine into our culture. The following is taken from an interview that Elizabeth Lesser conducted with Marion Woodman for O, The Oprah Magazine. More
What the Research Has to Say
The severity of unmanaged stress in our society is evident. Seventy to ninety percent of all doctor visits in the United States today are for stress-related disorders. In a 10-year study, people who were unable to manage stress effectively were shown to have a 40 percent higher death rate than nonstressed individuals. Our society is bent on quick fixes when life challenges come our way. We medicate ourselves and our children. Americans consume five billion tranquilizers every year in an effort to control their stress. More