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Mother and Daughter

Connect with others—and yourself—in healthy, meaningful, and lasting ways. Build your relationships through programs like couples retreats, Family Week, Omega Teen Camp, and mother daughter workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

05/02/2014 to 05/04/2014
Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Pre-Teen Years (Ages 10–12)
Sil Reynolds and Eliza Reynolds teach mothers and daughters (ages 10-12) new ways of being together in mutual respect and love.
05/09/2014 to 05/11/2014
Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years (Ages 13-15)
In Mothers & Daughters (ages 13-15), Sil and Eliza Reynolds teach you how to reinforce your already strong relationship or reconnect if it's been hard to find common ground.
05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014
A Spiritual Path for Couples
In Getting the Love You Want, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt help couples achieve wholeness and spiritual growth.
05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014
Get the insights and practical tools you need to understand men and create more fulfilling relationships in the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop with Alison Armstrong.
05/30/2014 to 06/01/2014
Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm: A Research-Based Approach for Providers
In this professional development workshop, you have the opportunity to learn directly from the creators of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy
05/30/2014 to 06/01/2014
Cultivating Trust, Playfulness & Community
In a sacred playground, Laura Velázquez shows you how to cultivate trust, playfulness, and community through AcroYoga.
05/30/2014 to 06/01/2014
With the Soulmate Secret
Discover the secret to finding your soulmate with best-selling author Arielle Ford.
06/06/2014 to 06/08/2014
A New Perspective on Love, Sex & Spirituality
Explore tantra practices with Steve Carter and Lokita Carter to enrich your erotic and spiritual intimacy with yourself and your partner.
06/13/2014 to 06/15/2014
Laughter in the Service of Love
As a couple, learn how to use your differences as inexhaustible sources of good humor, compassionate laughter, and deeper loving.
06/13/2014 to 06/15/2014
Explore the next generation of manhood with Tony Porter and Albery Abreu in this Father’s Day weekend workshop.