Omega Center For Sustainable Living 2014 Programs

Each year, the OCSL offers seasonal educational opportunities for students, teachers, activists, contractors, architects, elected officials, and many others. Register for one of our programs or visit the OCSL and learn about regenerative design with a tour of the Eco Machine™.

May 4-9
Permaculture Ways of Living
Homesteading, Ecovillages & Bioregional Economies
Andrew Faust
Leading permaculture teacher Andrew Faust offers simple and effective ways for you to live off-the-grid.

May 16-18
Create Your Paradise Lot
Turning Your Yard Into an Edible Oasis
Eric Toensmeier, Jonathan Bates
Learn how to transform your urban yard into an edible paradise, saving you money as you develop strategies to consumer home-grown plants. 

June 13-15
Foraging, Feasting & Botanical Art
Identify, Draw, Harvest & Prepare Wild Edible Plants
Dina Falconi, Wendy Hollender
Explore the culinary and artistic beauty of local wild plants as you learn to identify, draw, harvest, and prepare these ancient edible and medicinal plants.

June 20-22
Leading From The Emerging Future
Transforming Ego-System Into Eco-System Economies
Otto Scharmer, Arawana Hayashi
Explore the Emerging Future with Otto Scharmer and Arawana Hayashi and transform ego-system economies into eco-system economies. 

July 6-August 1
Ecological Literacy Immersion Program
Building Our Regenerative Future: A 4-Week Certificate Program
While deepening our understanding of place, we look at current challenges and learn from the solutions that exist at Omega and around the world.
Participants in this program will earn an internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

July 11-13
Grow Food Everywhere
For Health & Transformation
Ricky Baruc, Deb Habib
Transform your health and community by growing fresh, local food, no matter where you live.

September 21-26
Ecological Consciousness
Learning to Live Well With the Earth
Andrew Faust
Deepen your understanding and knowledge of how to be fully conscious, intentional, aware, awake, and alive within your environment.

October 24-26
Where We Go From Here Conference
Building the Collaborative Commons
Vandana Shiva, Jeremy Rifkin, Van Jones, David Bollier, Elizabeth Lesser, David W. Orr, Bob Berkebile, Robert "Skip" Backus, Bill McKibben, Winona LaDuke