Omega Women's Leadership Center 2014 Workshops

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Leading with Emotional Courage

How Empathy Can Heal, Inspire & Create Breakthroughs

Shauna Ries, LCSW, MFT, MDR, and Michele Bertran, MS, JD

May 23-26


Persuasive Communication for Women Leaders

New York Society for Ethical Culture, New York, NY

Barbara Tannenbaum

June 26


Say What You Mean, Be Who You Are

Skills for Emerging Leaders

Rachel Simmons

June 27-29


Taking a Leadership Leap

Catalyze Your Capacity to Grow

Peter Gold and Seana Lowe Steffen

July 4-6


Elevating Your Financial Acumen

A Leadership Essential

Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA,

August 22-24


A Women's Leadership Intensive

Become the Kind of Leader the World Needs Now

Sharon Salzberg, Leslie Salmon Jones, Mallika Dutt, Carla Goldstein, JD, and Michele Bertran, MS, JD

September 7-12 


Women & Power Conference

Women/Men: The Next Conversation

September 19-21


Reconciliation Between Women & Men

Alchemy of Beloved Community

William Keepin, PhD,  Rev. Cynthia BrixZanele Khumalo, MA, and John Tsungme Guy, MA, CACII, LPC

September 21-26


Nature as Mentor

Women's Leadership Lessons From the Living Earth

Toby Herzlich, Rachel Bagby, JD, and Dayna Baumeister, PhD

October 10-12


Speaking Up as a Leader

Women's Voices in the Public Square

Marianne Schnall, Courtney E. Martin, Vanessa Valenti, and Jamia Wilson

October 24-26