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Women & Power Series


The Women & Power Conference began over ten years ago with fundamental questions about women and power. We wanted to inspire women to use their vision, creativity, and skills to help bring about a more just and loving world. Since then, the conference has become an international touchstone, bringing together women leaders and visionaries from all over the world to share ideas and insights.

Through keynote presentations, conversations, workshops, and entertainment, the conference offers a unique synthesis of listening, sharing, reinforcement and inspiration. Women of all ages and backgrounds connect to explore emerging models of leadership and world-changing initiatives. During each conference, women are encouraged to lead from their core values, recognize the strength that results from speaking their truth, and use their leadership skills to change existing power relationships.

The conference, which is held biennially, provides attendees the opportunity to feel connected to a growing global community of women and girls dreaming of and building a new way of living together.

The Women & Power Retreat, first piloted in 2011, is a biennial retreat weekend held in the off-year between the Women & Power conferences that offers participants an opportunity to slow down, go within and access their core energy and strength. Through challenging talks, breakout workshops and experiential learning, women explore the deepest reaches of their multiple human intelligences—mind, body, heart, and spirit—and contemplate the connection between their inner lives and their action in families, communities and the world.