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Omega in Action highlights inspiring people and organizations making meaningful change. From protecting the environment to empowering women, healing veterans, and serving nonprofits, you'll find fresh perspectives, trending news, and the latest information on noteworthy events here at Omega and around the world.

Elizabeth Lesser & Omega Inspire Spiritual Arts Center in Newtown

2 years 4 months ago

“The idea for Sound began with seeing Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006,” says Jennifer Zulli, new age composer, music educator, and founder of Sound, a spiritual arts center in Newtown, Connecticut. During the next five years and a number of life trials, Jennifer found herself continually turning to Elizabeth Lesser’s books,The Seeker’s Guide and Broken Open, for inspiration, support, and guidance 

During Jennifer’s second reading of Broken Open, the idea for Sound was birthed as a way for her to be of service. She long admired Omega, and even though she had never visited, it became a model for Sound.

Jennifer’s inspiration to serve the spiritual needs of others couldn’t have come at a more poignant time. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred the day before Sounds’ opening. Since then, Sound has served as a place of solace and healing for many of those affected by the tragedy.

Learn more about Sound: A Center for Music, Creative Arts & Mindfulness

Perfect R&R Escape: Omega Institute in South Jersey Times

2 years 4 months ago
Did you know that you don’t have to take a workshop to spend time at Omega? Rest & Rejuvenation Retreats at our campus in the beautiful Hudson Valley invite visitors to bask in the bucolic setting, eat locally-sourced food from the three-star kitchen, and experience the atmosphere of a welcoming community. R&R guests can choose from a wealth of rejuvenating options offered by the Wellness Center and take part in daily open classes that recharge the body and calm the mind. Those eager for the chance to unwind and have fun, or learn a new skill while connecting with others can pick from exclusive daily R&R classes. 
The Omega campus provides a treasure of opportunities. Visitors can check out the Omega Bookstore, enjoy the tennis courts or play a game of basketball, and rejuvenate in the sauna. Spend a few quiet hours reading in the Ram Dass Library, which houses over 7,000 volumes on holistic living. Experience The Sanctuary, where visitors can sit in meditation, prayer, or contemplation in a place of beauty and tranquility. Evenings at Omega often present the occasion to go to a concert, watch a film, and attend a reading or a sample workshop. Of course, visitors can always choose to hike our wooded trails, kayak on the lake, or settle down with a book at the garden.

Omega On the Road: Wanderlust Vermont

2 years 4 months ago

Omega staff members Chrissa Pullicino and Veronica Domingo recently returned from the third annual Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival at Stratton Mountain in Bondville, Vermont.

Omega cosponsored the Speakeasy lecture series, featuring inspirational figures that run the gamut from holistic medical experts to technology buffs, from filmmakers to yoga teachers, from authors to CEOs with green business models. The Speakeasy is intended to be a casual experience where presenters can “speak easily”. Some highlights from this year’s Speakeasy included talks from yoga teachers Ana Forrest and Elena Brower, filmmaker Michael Skolnik, musician Sarah Neufeld, and a representative from the office of U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan, a practitioner and advocate of mindfulness.

The series of talks will be posted on Wanderlust's website in coming months. Stay tuned. 

Making Friends at the Yoga Service Conference

2 years 4 months ago
Jennifer Harper Cohen, a leading voice in the children’s yoga community, helped Omega and the Yoga Service Council organize our recent Yoga Service Conference that was attended by more than 135 yoga teachers, social workers, school teachers, therapists, and health professionals representing more than 30 service organizations. 
Jennifer (at left) decided to bring her young daughter Isabelle along for the weekend. Paige Eleson (at right), founder of the Africa Yoga Project, had the same idea, and brought her daughter Penzi. The little girls formed an instant bond, and what both mothers hope will be a lasting friendship. Incredibly, they live 7,000 miles away from each other, but were born only 4 days apart!  Jennifer says, “It will be interesting to see how experiences like this one shape who they become.”
Sharing yoga with children can be a unique and fulfilling way to bring great joy to both teacher and student. Jennifer is the founder of Little Flower Yoga, a unique organization that provides education based yoga programs to schools and youth organizations, teaches creative and nurturing classes for children and families, and trains teachers to engage, encourage and inspire joy in all students. 
Learn more  about the Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training at Omega August 11–16

Acupuncturists Without Borders® Helps Communities Recover From Trauma

2 years 5 months ago

Typical methods of trauma treatment are changing from the traditional approach involving chemical treatments for the body and mind to a more holistic approach—treating the body, mind, and spirit. More and more, complementary and alternative therapies are helping those who suffer with post-traumatic stress. Along with yoga and mindfulness meditation, there are many other treatments now available—including acupuncture.

An acupuncture technique known as the NADA protocol specifically aims to relieve physical and emotional symptoms of trauma, and has been delivered after many tragedies and natural disasters by the nonprofit organization Acupuncturists Without Borders®.

Hoping to aid in relief efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, Diana Fried—who will be part of the Veterans, Trauma & Treatment Conference at Omega—founded Acupuncturists Without Borders®. The organization aims to offer free acupuncture treatment to anyone involved in tragedies or natural disasters, from evacuees to victims' families and first responders, relief workers and community members, as well as military personnel and veterans.

Acupuncturists who are part of Acupuncturists Without Borders® have worked in disaster areas and underserved communities offering community acupuncture healing in locations worldwide—including hundreds of people in Newtown, Connecticut, after the Sandy Hook shooting, as reported in this Daily News article, treating post-traumatic stress.

Serving With Love: Yoga Service Conference In Elephant Journal

2 years 5 months ago
In early June, Omega and the Yoga Service Council welcomed more than 135 yoga teachers, social workers, school teachers, and health professionals to the second annual Yoga Service Conference. According to a recent Elephant Journal article, the attendees’ “unwavering passion to serve was palpable throughout the weekend, in every conversation, at every session, and at every booth.”
In her opening keynote address, yoga teacher and Give Back Yoga Foundation cofounder, Beryl Bender Birch (at left in photo, with Nikki Myers) said, “It’s not a mistake that yoga brought us all together. Through practice, we grow a circle of compassion.” The Yoga Service Conference itself served as a circle of compassion. It offered hope, inspiration, and tools to yoga service providers, helping them to continue to serve, with love.

How Carla Goldstein Is Catalyzing a New Model of Women’s Leadership

2 years 5 months ago
As an attorney, legislative staffer, and former vice president for public affairs at Planned Parenthood of New York City, Carla Goldstein worked in the public policy arena for 20 years. One day, she decided to shift gears. “I realized,” she said, “that rather than building a culture of caring, the public policy machinery was creating deep polarization between people.” Soon after, she joined Omega, where she is cofounder of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center and serves as Omega’s Chief External Affairs Officer. In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Goldstein talks about her journey, the new vision of women’s leadership, and the importance of developing our multiple human intelligences of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Omega Staff Attends Screening of Girl Rising

2 years 5 months ago
Centered by the new feature film Girl Rising, 10x10, a global action campaign, uses the power of storytelling to deliver a simple, critical truth: educate girls and you will change the world. 
Research shows that the well-being of girls and their ability to thrive is crucial to worldwide social, political, and economic development. Because Omega has a long-standing commitment to educating and empowering women and girls, our external affairs staff and members of the Omega Women's Leadership Center attended a special screening of the film Girl Rising in Kingston, New York to show our support for the film's important message. Afterward, we gathered in a coffee shop to discuss the film and think creatively together. Our whole team agreed, this film is a "must see".
Feel inspired? Here's how you can get involved: 
Tune in - Watch the Girl Rising CNN broadcast Sunday, June 16th at 9:00 p.m. EST 

Healing Eating Disorders With Yoga

2 years 5 months ago
Chelsea Roff took her first yoga class at the suggestion of a therapist just a few months after getting out of the hospital for eating disorder treatment. She thought yoga sounded fluffy, esoteric, airy-fairy, and too soft for her, but she went because it was the only form of exercise her treatment team approved of. She never expected that yoga would bring her to a place in her recovery that no form of talk therapy or medical treatment could.
In this Yoga Service Conference Interview with Rob Schware, Roff shares how yoga helped her get healthy and inspired her to teach others with eating disorders how to use yoga to recover.

Helping Veterans With Alternative Medicine One Soldier at a Time

2 years 5 months ago
Our active duty soldiers and veterans have been under tremendous strain and are often in need of more care than the conventional health-care establishment can provide. One idealist, who took her first Reiki classes at Omega several years ago, is striving to lighten their burden, one person at a time.
Ellen Severino began what she calls “The Brooklyn Reiki Project,” providing complementary Reiki healing treatments to improve the quality of life for nearby military personnel, including veterans, enlistees, their families, civilians who work on the base, and employees of the nearby VA hospital. She already has done at least 400 20-minute sessions, helping soldiers feel better, sleep better, and become better able to interact with their families with more patience and ease.
“Many military people are unsatisfied with the medical choices available to them,” says Ellen. “They want alternatives to the conventional treatments. Creating programs to educate them and offer treatments like Reiki would empower them to take charge of their healing.” 


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