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Helping Veterans With Alternative Medicine One Soldier at a Time

10 months 1 week ago
Our active duty soldiers and veterans have been under tremendous strain and are often in need of more care than the conventional health-care establishment can provide. One idealist, who took her first Reiki classes at Omega several years ago, is striving to lighten their burden, one person at a time.
Ellen Severino began what she calls “The Brooklyn Reiki Project,” providing complementary Reiki healing treatments to improve the quality of life for nearby military personnel, including veterans, enlistees, their families, civilians who work on the base, and employees of the nearby VA hospital. She already has done at least 400 20-minute sessions, helping soldiers feel better, sleep better, and become better able to interact with their families with more patience and ease.
“Many military people are unsatisfied with the medical choices available to them,” says Ellen. “They want alternatives to the conventional treatments. Creating programs to educate them and offer treatments like Reiki would empower them to take charge of their healing.” 

Omega Donates to West Clinton Fire Department

10 months 1 week ago

Omega recently made a donation to the West Clinton Fire Department (the closest fire house to Omega), which allowed them to purchase a second thermal imaging camera. Here's a short news clip about the piece that appeared in the Hudson Valley News.

Omega Donates to West Clinton Fire Department 

By Ray Oberly

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies gave a generous donation that allowed the West Clinton Fire Department to purchase a second Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera. This thermal camera allows the viewer to see people in the dark or in a smoke-filled structure and also to see hot spots from a fire in the walls of a structure that was on fire. 

The seeing of fire hot spots enables the Fire Department to extinguish hidden fires thus better saving the building. In smoke filled rooms, it enables the Fire Department to find victims and also see the seat of the fire. Another important use of the camera is to locate people at night when doing a search when they are lost or injured.  

Currently, the West Clinton Fire Department has only one camera so whenever the fire engine from Station 2 containing the one camera responds, a camera is available. But when the fire engine from Station 2 containing the one camera does not respond, the camera containing engine from Station 2 must be called to bring the thermal camera thus adding to a time delay, extra expense to drive the extra engine, and the safety of responding. 

With the two thermal cameras (one for each Station), there is no need to request the one camera containing engine from Station 2 to come to a Station 1emergency scene. Chief Jay Marshall said, “This second camera improves our response to emergencies and provides more capability to better protect the community we serve.” Omega’s donations help the community by providing equipment to better serve without increasing taxes.

Love is the Secret to Serving Others

10 months 2 weeks ago
Jasmine Chehrazi, founder of Yoga Activist, has taught yoga to students of diverse backgrounds, from homeless shelter residents to White House staff. But what’s common in all of her classes is love. “Sharing yoga is another way of saying, “I love you,” to total strangers….I hear, “I love you back,” with every breath I’ve shared with students. So by the end of class, something is different. We’re no longer strangers.”
In this Yoga Service Conference Interview with Rob Schware, cofounder of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, Chehrazi discusses why love is her reason for teaching yoga—and also her answer to avoiding compassion fatigue. She will be teaching sequencing for yoga service classes at this year’s Yoga Service Conference presented by Omega and the Yoga Service Council. 

Carla Goldstein to Speak at Leadership Tools for Women Conference

10 months 2 weeks ago
The SUNY Oswego Phoenix Center and the SUNY Leadership Institute are hosting their 9th Annual Leadership Tools for Women Conference titled, Centricity: It's All About YOU! Friday, June 21, 8:00 a.m.–5:00p.m. at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, New York. This dynamic, one-day conference will focus on enriching personal and professional aspects of life as well as building skills to support success.
Carla Goldstein, Omega Institute's chief external affairs officer and cofounder of the Omega Women's Leadership Center, will be speaking on "The Art of Seeking Balance: Mapping Your Own Voyage." She will share the importance of developing a regular practice of self-reflection as a tool for living with a greater sense of meaning, inspiration, purpose and joy. 

Innovative Approaches to Autism From the Center for Discovery

10 months 2 weeks ago
Given the dramatic increase in people diagnosed with autism during the past decade, new approaches are needed to address ongoing care and treatment concerns. In this video clip from the Sundance Channel’s Grains of Change series, Patrick Dollard, chief executive of the Center for Discovery talks about how the organization uses natural food and farming experiences to benefit autistic individuals. “We’re trying to create wellness and health, and not manage sickness,” says Dollard, . “The best way to inspire people to do good things is to show them how to do it.”
The Center for Discovery also has been systematically gathering a large corpus of data during the past few years in its innovative research program supported by researchers from Harvard Medical School, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of North Carolina. Three of those researchers—Martha Herbert, Theresa Hamlin, and John J. Ratey—will take part in the Exploring Autism Conference at Omega to discuss their findings, along with other innovative, sensitive, and sensible approaches to autism.

Omega Opens Doors to All with Announcement of 2013 Scholarship Opportunities

10 months 2 weeks ago
Omega awards more than $200,000 in full and partial scholarships to qualified applicants with limited finances or special needs, including scholarships for women, educators, veterans, teens, and breast cancer patients and survivors.


Omega Helps Bring Mindful Yoga To Underserved Populations

10 months 3 weeks ago
Omega Institute and the Yoga Service Council are pleased to present the second annual Yoga Service Conference, taking place on Omega’s Rhinebeck, New York campus, June 7–9, 2013


Omega Service Week Welcomes Participants of the 3rd Annual Women Serving Women Summit

10 months 3 weeks ago
At a time when nonprofits are forced to do more with less, Omega Service Week offers organizations the opportunity to make the most of nonprofit leadership retreat-time to plan, network, and build capacity. An integral part of Service Week, the Women Serving Women Summit brings together nonprofits that work to improve the lives of women and girls. Coordinated by the Omega Women’s Leadership Center, this 3rd Annual Women Serving Women Summit focuses on organizations working to ensure the safety of women and girls since their well-being and ability to thrive is crucial to worldwide social, political, and economic development.
The Women Serving Women Summit is pleased to welcome the following 2013 Service Week grantees:
Family of Woodstock
Family Services
TMI Project
Grace Smith House
Healthcare Is a Human Right
Mill Street Loft
Safe Homes of Orange County
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
New Harlem Renaissance Work Group
School of Leadership, Afghanistan
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Omega Welcomes Hudson Valley Nonprofits to Service Week

10 months 3 weeks ago
As service-oriented nonprofits struggle to survive in a reduced-budget environment, Omega offers nonprofits the chance to experience strategic planning retreats. Since the inception of Omega Service Week nearly a decade ago, more than 200 organizations and 3,100 people have participated in this unique grant program. Omega’s annual Service Week is comprised of two sessions—both of which provide a rare opportunity for organizations to take a step back from the front line of their work to plan and build capacity. The first 2013 Service Week session focuses on Mid-Hudson Valley nonprofits that address social service, social justice, and safety-net needs. This year, we welcome:
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Dutchess County Arts Council
Eastern Dutchess Community Coalition
Headstart of Eastern Orange County
Literacy Connections
NAACP: Northern Dutchess County
NorthEast Community Center
ReThink Local
Rosendale Theater Collective
Taconic Resources for Independence
Wild Earth
Legal Aid, Juvenile Rights Division
Press Pass TV

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living Featured in Sustainable Building Advisor Program

11 months 4 days ago
The Omega Center for Sustainable Living is one of several local sites featured in the Sustainable Building Advisor Program offered by the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute and SUNY Ulster. The training prepares professionals to take the CSBA exam, which provides the nationally recognized Certified Sustainable Building Advisor designation. The program is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a Mastery 400 course and is approved for 100 learning units by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) AP credential maintenance credits.    
The Sustainable Building Advisor Program is geared toward a wide variety of students, from building professionals to environmentalists and fundraisers. There are no specific prerequisites for the program other than the desire to learn about building better, more energy efficient, healthy, and cost-effective buildings.