08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
Tapping Into the Mystery

Many have experienced how faith can heal. Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities is backing up this experience.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014

Our old stories of scarcity, fear, and victimhood are limiting us in ways we may not consciously realize. As a result, our deepest heart offerings are never manifested. The global community may never receive our profound presence and gifts.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
Thrive in the Face of Your Toughest Challenges

This workshop has been cancelled.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
Writing From Life

Omega’s Memoir Festival brings together celebrated memoir writers to create the perfect place for both new and seasoned writers to experience the art of writing real stories from life.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014

With all of life’s busyness, it can be hard for mothers and daughters to slow down and spend time with each other. Our girls are growing up so fast, and just when we think we know who they are, they change and mature some more.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
A Weekend of Ceremony

One of Carl Big Heart’s Native American teachers once told him: “The wolves of greed are snapping at our heels. The ending is uncertain. It is in the balance. Now is the time for all willing souls to step forward with unconditional love.”

08/10/2014 to 08/16/2014

Omega Teen Camp is an experience like no other! Our summer camp is about fun, connection, self-awareness, and self-expression.

08/10/2014 to 08/15/2014
A 5-Day Professional Training for the Prevention of Depression Relapse

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an innovative group program designed to prevent relapse in people who have recovered from unipolar depression. Based on the research of Drs.

08/10/2014 to 08/15/2014
Redefining Fitness, Beauty & Power for the 21st Century Woman

Explore the nature of the Goddess in legend and daily life to awaken your Core Female Power™ and unleash your inner deity—the Goddess within.

08/10/2014 to 08/15/2014
The Sacred Balance of Masculine & Feminine

We are living in a critical age and hearing an urgent call. It is vital for women and men to embody their true nature.


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