05/09/2014 to 05/11/2014
Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years (Ages 13-15)

Join a vibrant community of mothers and daughters where you can slow down, nourish your relationship, and have some fun!

05/11/2014 to 05/16/2014
Watercolor for Self-Expression

“The key to any and all creative endeavors is to first recognize the unique artist you already are,” says Jeanne Carbonetti. “Through the looking glass of art, you will see the reflection of a beautiful self you may have never seen before.”

05/16/2014 to 05/18/2014
Restoring Harmony in These Times of Change

This workshop has been cancelled.

05/16/2014 to 05/18/2014
Bringing Mindful Yoga to Underserved Communities

Omega Institute and the Yoga Service Council are pleased to present the third annual Yoga Service Conference. The Yoga Service Council was formed at Omega in 2009 by a group of organizations bringing yoga to underserved populations.

05/16/2014 to 05/18/2014
Turning Your Yard Into an Edible Oasis

If you’re looking for ways to lessen your carbon footprint and eat locally, why not do it right in your own yard?

05/18/2014 to 05/23/2014
Reclaim Your Health in 60 Days
05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014
Practice With Confidence and Humility

With articles like Time magazine’s “The Me Me Me Generation,” and concern in the media about the rise of narcissistic personality disorder, it would seem that we have enough self-esteem in this world.

05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014
A Spiritual Path for Couples

The Getting the Love You Want workshop emphasizes conscious relationship through the development of new communication and awareness skills, and helps couples achieve wholeness and spiritual growth.

05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014

Many cultures believe we are in the midst of a transformation of consciousness unlike any humankind has experienced.

05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014

If you’re ready to get off the body, food, and beauty merry-go-rounds and get serious about dramatic, cellular-level transformation, join award-winning author Kat James for this exclusive 3-day, Total Transformation® Jumpstart Intensive.