07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
Learning From the Past, Planning for the Future

This workshop has been cancelled.

07/18/2014 to 07/25/2014
A 7-Day Professional Training

This training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic method for healing trauma-based problems.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
The Transformative Power of Past-Life Memories
07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
What the Buddhists Teach

Loving and intimate relationships can be the most wonderful experiences of our lives, bringing us moments of happiness and a sense of meaning and purpose.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
Tuning Into Its Wisdom for Guidance & Vitality

Most of us are familiar with our body’s responses when under stress: neck and shoulder tension, back pain, nervous stomach, insomnia, overeating, shallow breathing, and headaches.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
Simple Changes to Slow Down Aging

Join Desirée Rumbaugh and Mimi Kirk, international teachers, friends, and passionate proponents of healthful living, for a weekend of yoga and food preparation that will help you live a long and healthy life.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
A Transformational Weekend

This workshop is sold out. Please call Omega Registration to be placed on a waiting list 800.944.1001.


What would your life look like if your soul were in charge? What would change if you lived a life guided by your soul?

07/20/2014 to 07/25/2014
Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to High-Risk Youth

The Holistic Life Foundation has more than a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth classified as “high-risk” or “hard-to-reach” in urban environments, and has developed a unique blend of yoga, mindfulness, tai chi, and other

07/20/2014 to 07/25/2014

Research shows that mindfulness practices decrease stress, anxiety, and depression in children, while improving emotional regulation, ability to focus, and social relations—all proven contributors to academic achievement.


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