07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Michelle Becker

How do you typically react to difficulties in life, such as work stress, rejection, physical problems, or financial hardship? Do you instinctively fight uncomfortable experiences or find fault in yourself when things go wrong?

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Peter Gold
An Adventure in Self-Discovery

Take yourself to the edge and leap beyond your comfort zone with the flying trapeze.

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Carmen Mensink
Green Tara

For centuries, Tibetan thangkas (scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas) have been a highly developed and important means of explaining Buddhist philosophy.

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Jane Davies
The Power of Process

Creating images is a primal creative act. It is accessible to everybody, no matter what level of experience. It feels good, and gets us back in touch with an instinctive, nonverbal means of expression.

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Chinese & Watercolor Painting

Join this 5-day immersion in Chinese painting and watercolor with a master of the art form, Lian Zhen.

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Dar Williams

Are you seeking to hone your songwriting skills? Do you long to create a song that matters?

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Heather Allen Hietala

Discover the creative possibilities of wire as an artistic medium in this hands-on workshop.

07/05/2015 to 07/10/2015
Ali Smith
Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Today’s Youth

The Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) has more than a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth classified as “high-risk” or “hard-to-reach” in urban environments.

07/10/2015 to 07/12/2015

It is not enough that a writer places the best words side by side, or generates lovely images and expressive metaphors. The real art of writing is how we see, and how far we can dip into the deeper levels of knowing.


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