10/10/2014 to 10/12/2014

Every relationship is, in some way, intimate. We develop close relationships with our partners, children, friends, business associates, and everyone else in our lives.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
Tapping Into Your Potential

Energy psychology brings a new dimension of self-empowerment to personal development. Drawing from contemporary psychological understanding as well as ancient healing traditions, it provides simple methods for shifting the brain's chemistry.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
10 Life-Changing Powers of Your Wise Heart

This workshop has been cancelled.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
The Art of Breakthrough

When you stand at crossroads in life, you face many, sometimes difficult, decisions. But when your mind is clear and your heart is free, you are better able to address those decisions with confidence and clarity. 

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014

Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing workshops are renowned for their simple structure and powerful effect.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
A Teacher Training

Teaching is about connection. To connect deeply with our students, family, and others in our lives, we must first connect with ourself.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
Deepen Your Connection to Earth & Sky

Join us for this empowering and soul-stirring journey into the holistic and shamanic roots of yoga through sacred wisdom teachings, dynamic asana, breathwork, meditation, chanting, ceremony, live music, ecstatic dance, and the power of community.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014

Shamanism teaches us to create opportunities out of personal and global crises. Reiki provides a paradigm for focusing our energy to heal ourself and our world.

10/12/2014 to 10/17/2014
A Workshop for Intuitive & Mediumship Empowerment

The spirit world is always ready to share space with you and, given the proper tools and guidance, you can partake in direct communication with your guides, loved ones, and spirit friends.

10/17/2014 to 10/19/2014

Whose energy influences your life? As sensitive and empathic beings, we unconsciously take on the energy of others and live out that energy as though it’s our own.


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