07/25/2014 to 07/27/2014
A Wild Weekend Adventure

Spend an exciting weekend exploring the lively, transparent medium of watercolor, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before.

07/25/2014 to 07/27/2014
Bringing Mindfulness Practice to Children Grades K–12

The practices of contemplative education, Social and Emotional Learning, and mindfulness are being widely explored in schools throughout the United States.

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
The Ultimate Asana

Has your body stopped moving as freely as it once did? Would you like to experience more natural, efficient, and pain-free movement?

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
A Holistic Approach to Painting

Our yearning to connect with our world and express its beauty is natural and vital. Painting in watercolor offers us a way to experience that connection.

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014

A growing body of medical research shows that tai chi effectively promotes physical and psychological health and rehabilitation.

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
Tonify, Detoxify & Balance Your Body, Mind & Spirit

To complement your 5-day Radiant Power of Women retreat, add this yogi cleanse formulated specifically for women and throughout the week enjoy fresh food and juices designed to support your digestion, lymphatic, and immune systems.

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
Advanced Clinical Workshop & Refresher Course

In this workshop for licensed professionals, you have the opportunity to refresh your technique and review EMDR protocols and procedures, consult on difficult cases, watch demonstrations, and practice EMDR in small supervised groups.

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
Embodying a Daily Spiritual Practice

“To be a woman is the last, highest incarnation.” —Yogi Bhajan


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