07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
Embodying a Daily Spiritual Practice

“To be a woman is the last, highest incarnation.” —Yogi Bhajan

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
5-Day Intensive

How do you typically react to difficulties in life, such as work stress, rejection, physical problems, or financial hardship? Do you instinctively fight uncomfortable experiences or find fault in yourself when things go wrong?

07/27/2014 to 08/01/2014
Growing with Grace, Strength & Joy

It’s never too early to connect to your radiant power. Guided by seasoned camp leader Jai Fuller, you are invited to discover the inherent divine and graceful power you embody as a young woman.

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
A Lab for Teachers, Writers, and Workshop Producers

The Omega Institute opened in 1977 in rented facilities, with only a 2-week season and two dozen programs.

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
What Your Brain Chemistry, Personality & Body Say About You

What does your speech say about you? How about your face? Your movements? Your personality shines through everything you do, but how well do you really know yourself?

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
Food for the Soul

What does the way we raise, purchase, prepare, and eat our foods say about us, the way we regard our body, and our concern for the world around us?

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
Unstuff Your Life! Getting & Staying Organized—Made Simple

Do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Is your home or work space crowded by excess stuff or unfinished projects?

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
How to Master the Craft of Writing Memoirs & Autobiographical Fiction

The memoir has become America’s most popular read. So why is it so hard to write one?

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
Healing Techniques From Other Realms

Are you interested in stepping up to the next level of spirituality? Join energy healer Deborah King in an experiential workshop as she unlocks the door to the mysterious world of energy healing.

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
Experience the State of Super-Consciousness

This workshopis sold out. Please call Omega registration to be placed on the waiting list 800.944.1001.


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