08/21/2015 to 08/23/2015
Stewart Pearce

Since ancient times, sound healing has been used as a portal through the soul to the celestial realms, harmonizing our mind, body, and spirit.

08/21/2015 to 08/23/2015

Meditation for Beginners provides a survey of meditation techniques to start the beginner and refresh the experienced meditator.

08/21/2015 to 08/23/2015
A Lovin’ Me! Transformation Program

What does your heart yearn for? Do you want to let go of that which no longer serves you? Are you ready to claim your unique place in this world?

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Jon Gabriel
A 5-Day Total Transformation Retreat

The Gabriel Method is a holistic, mind-body approach to weight loss that focuses on addressing and eliminating the root causes of obesity.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Tony Stockwell
Exploration & Discovery

Does fear hold you back from connecting with and surrendering to spirit? Are you looking for a way to break down the barriers created by fear and deepen your connection to the spirit world?

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Yoga, Purpose & Action Intensive

Embark on a transformational journey of provocative self-inquiry and creative exploration to uncover your deepest passion and motivation for service that leads to embodied, effective, and conscious action.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Sarah Bowen
A Professional Training

Addictions—whether to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, or other behaviors—often stem from a desire to escape our current experience.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Jean Haner
Personal Clearing & Space Clearing

Discover the subtle art of energy clearing to help restore balance in your own energy field and the energy of your surroundings.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Claude Stein
An Amazing 5-Day Immersion

This 5-day Natural Singer immersion features extended individual attention, group singing, and community support as we uncover the amazing beauty and power of our true voices.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
Craig D. Blinderman

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses.


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