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Description, Price & Continuing Education Information


Mindfulness & Education Conference
Bringing Mindfulness Practice to Children Grades K–12
Focus on Diversity & Social Justice

July 22-24

Continuing Education Credits are available. 

The practices of contemplative education, Social and Emotional Learning, and mindfulness are being widely explored in schools throughout the United States. Research shows that mindfulness practice decreases stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and hostility in children, while also benefiting their health, well-being, social relations, and academic performance.

Numerous studies in mindfulness and education show that teaching this practice to youth is profoundly beneficial for the development of children in grades K–12. Children can easily learn these techniques and, when learned young, they become lifelong tools supporting awareness, empathy, and resilience.

In this conference, Omega brings together influential leaders in the fields of mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning, including psychologists, educators, administrators, and teachers.

Through inspiring keynote lectures, question-and-answer sessions, group exercises, breakout workshops, a panel discussion with school administrators, and instruction in practical application, we explore:

  • Challenges and opportunities of implementing new mindfulness programs in schools
  • Practices and programs that support Social and Emotional Learning
  • Mindfulness and the cultivation of resilience
  • Mindfulness practice with at-risk youth
  • The latest findings of interpersonal neurobiology regarding mindfulness and education

This conference is suitable for educators, school administrators, family therapists, and parents.

Do you work to bring mindfulness practice to kids? Share the great work you’ve been doing in the special "Show & Tell" Poster Session Event on Saturday afternoon. Learn more about the "Show & Tell" Poster Session Event.


Bessel van der Kolk, Linda Lantieri, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Sheryl Petty, JusTme, and more

Continuing Education

This course offers 12.5 WESPSB - Educators Continuing Education credits (+$50). Learn more.


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