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Breakout Workshops

Drawing Power From the Center
with angel Kyodo williams Sensei

Embody power drawn from the alignment of clarity, connectedness, and confidence or center takes practice. Come on a journey of discovery and tap into the deep wisdom of our bodies to develop increased self-awareness, positive boundaries, and release unwanted behaviors with compassion and healthy doses of humor. All you need is curiosity and goodwill to engage in simple exercises accessible to anyone. In exchange, you'll gain practical tools to embody greater presence in all areas of your life. Be the inspired, confident, powerful self that is your greatest offering to your community and the world.


Dancing for Joy: Cultural Movement 
with Pilin Anice

Get out of your mind and into your body and experience the freeing, healing powers of dance! In this workshop we explore elements of traditional dances from the African Diaspora while connecting to your inner being through breath and physical movement. With the sounds of live drumming, delve into your boldness with liberating exercises for the hips to discover your unique rhythm, release emotions, open the heart, and expand joy.

Building Your Strength, Claiming Your Power
with Annie Ellman

Practice vital physical and verbal self-defense strategies. A board-breaking ceremony at the end of the workshop helps participants break through imposed limitations, increase self-confidence, and gain access to inner power.  Using your voices, your bodies, and your spirit, you inspire each other to build your individual and collective resilience and strength.

A Walking Cleanse: GirlTrek
with T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison

Join us for a brisk walk along three miles of scenic back roads. Take deep cleansing breaths and sweat out your stress, anxiety, or fear. Together, we retrace the steps of great women, grassroots organizers, bus boycotters, and spiritual leaders who used walking as a statement, a conversation, and a meditation. As our feet create a cadence, we call on the women who walked before us to renew our sense of purpose on this Earth. You'll have space for personal reflection and sister-girl conversation. Come ready to hustle and we guarantee you will leave with a "GirlTrek Glow."

The Guru is You: Learn To Trust Your Inner Voice
with Robyn Moreno

Do you second guess your dreams and desires, ignore your gut, and get swayed by the opinions of friends, family, and outside “experts?” In this powerful and interactive workshop you will employ meditation, journaling, and group dialogue to tune in, give space, and listen to our own inner leader.  It’s been said that power is the ability to think for yourself, let’s engage that power to create good in the world.

Big Brush: The Bold Art of Calligraphy
with Barbara Bash

You are guided through a simple set of instructions that awaken the mind and heart through calligraphy. Working with large horsehair brushes and buckets of ink you make a fresh stroke in the moment. The ancient Asian principles of heaven, earth, and human provide a deep structure for spontaneous expression as you bring the best of who you are to the world.

True Storytelling: TMI Project
with Eva Tenuto & Sari Botton

Got a “TMI” story you’ve always wanted to share, but felt you couldn’t or shouldn’t? In this workshop, you are guided through exercises designed to help you explore personal experiences in a new light by writing about them, boldly. New studies show that writing about your personal experiences can be both healing and empowering. Come release shame and stigma, clear space for new perspectives, and fully embrace your power.