Esther Armah

Esther Armah is an award-winning radio host, international journalist, political commentator, public speaker, and playwright. She is a regular commentator for MSNBC, appearing on Melissa Harris Perry, Up with Chris Hayes, Up with Steve Kornacki, All in with Chris Hayes, and MSNBC Live

Esther created a media consultancy, Centric Productions and the program Emotional Justice Unplugged. Centric Productions runs creative, dynamic workshops to teach individuals and companies how to be more effectively present across media. Emotional Justice Unplugged (aka EJunplugged)—is a multi media arts, creative campaigns, and intimate public conversations series. Emotional Justice explores the power of emotionality and how it shapes us individually, institutionally, in our relationships, and in our notions of power and leadership. 

Now in its 5th year, Emotional Justice Unplugged creates annual seasons engaging men, women, boys and girls through theater, on air interviews, live events, and creative campaigns. On air interviews feature a mix of celebrities, scholars, activists, and artists. The campaigns include intlFLYGIRLSday, a campaign for girls to identify their personal power, theSWAGspot, on love and masculinity, theFword, on forgiveness as intimate revolution, and 31forMARISSA, engaging men on the topic of domestic violenceThe campaigns mix traditional and social media in order to engage large audiences while still creating intimate public conversations and has been featured on New York WBAI99.5FMMSNBC, CNN, HuffPost Live, BET, andMNN in New York. 

Esther worked as a radio and television journalist for the BBC working in London, across Africa and in the United States for 10 years, traveling and working from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Lesotho. 

A sought after public speaker, Armah brings emotional justice to multiple audiences, including Stanford University and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Annual Conference. She is a contributing writer to the award-winning news magazine She has written about issues of emotional justice as the playwright of Forgive Me?, Can I Be Me?, and Saviour?

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