Jennifer Buffett

Jennifer Buffett

A passionate advocate for women and girls, Jennifer Buffett is president and cochair of the NoVo Foundation, a philanthropic organization focused on social and economic justice, gender equity, and promoting local living economies. The foundation affects positive change by investing in international initiatives that support health and well-being, such as The Girl Effect, which brings attention and resources to adolescent girls across the globe.

In keeping with NoVo’s mission, Buffett has dedicated herself to ending violence against girls and women. As part of this effort, she aims to infuse school cultures across the country with social emotional learning (SEL). NoVo sees SEL as the way to move schools from being rooted in cultures of stifling competition and punishment to nurturing and supportive organizations.

Jennifer Buffett and her husband, Peter Buffett, are recipients of the Clinton Global Citizen Award for their “visionary leadership and sustainable, scalable work in solving pressing global challenges.” Barron’s ranks the couple in the top 25 list of most effective philanthropists. The Ms. Foundation for Women honored the Buffetts with a 2010 Gloria Steinem Award. Jennifer Buffet was recently named one of 150 Women Who Shake the World by Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

What People are Saying About Jennifer Buffett

“The Buffetts are leading an inspirational campaign to improve the status of women and girls across the globe. Their innovative approach to philanthropy has leveraged the capacity of existing organizations to affect real, positive change.”
— Bill Clinton, former President of the United States

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