Vanessa Valenti

Vanessa Valenti

Vanessa Valenti is an award-winning blogger, speaker and online strategist. She is the cofounder of the blog, a pioneer in connecting feminism with online media and the most widely read feminist publication in the world.

Valenti is also a cofounder and partner of Valenti Martin Media, a next generation consultancy that amplifies big ideas, undiscovered stories, and cutting edge social change work, collaborating with organizations and institutions across the globe on social change innovation. 

An honoree of the Sidney Hillman Prize in Blog Journalism and the 2009 Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Political Blog, Valenti was named by Gloria Steinem as one of the young women that inspire her to believe the feminist movement continues. Her work and commentary has appeared in POLITICO, USA Today, The Atlantic, The Houston Chronicle, Alternet, and others.

Valenti has been working with grassroots initiatives, major national organizations, political campaigns and academic institutions for nearly a decade with the goal of evangelizing online activism and illustrating how the internet has shifted the landscape for building movements.

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