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A Transformative Experience • September 29–October 1

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A Diet-Free Approach to Weight Loss

The Radiant Power of Women

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The Omega Institute offers more than 350 workshops, retreats, and conferences every year. Each one is designed to inspire, educate, and connect you to new ideas and people. From large conferences to intimate workshops to professional trainings, the diversity of our programs allows us to confidently say there is something for everyone. To make it easy for you to find what you're interested in, we have organized our workshops into six different learning paths: body, mind, and spirit; health and healing; relationships and family; creative expression; leadership and work; and sustainable living.

Upcoming Workshops

08/14/2015 to 08/16/2015
Lifelong Practices for Health, Happiness & Freedom

Whether we need to forgive someone else, ask forgiveness from others, or seek to forgive ourselves, forgiveness is a subtle, personal, and ultimately liberating journey. It’s also one of life’s greatest challenges.

08/14/2015 to 08/16/2015
A Weekend Retreat With H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche

His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche often says we can live without religion, but we cannot live without spirituality.

08/16/2015 to 08/21/2015
How Connection Can Heal, Inspire & Create Breakthroughs

There is nothing like that “aha” moment when we suddenly understand someone else’s perspective. In fact, it is the crucial first step in cultivating empathy, an essential leadership tool that is more important than ever in today’s world.

08/21/2015 to 08/28/2015
Integrating Spiritual, Psychological & Embodiment Work

Unconditional presence is the capacity to fully meet, allow, and open to whatever we are experiencing, no matter how challenging it may be. This is what allows our experience to unfold in the direction of greater freedom, truth, and wisdom.

08/21/2015 to 08/23/2015
Connecting With the Sacred Flow
Synchronicity [n]: an often surprising occurrence of physical, psychological, or psychic events that seems to have no related cause or connection
08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
A Diet-Free, Mind-Body Approach to Weight Loss

The Gabriel Method is a holistic, mind-body approach to weight loss that focuses on addressing and eliminating the root causes of obesity.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015
An Amazing 5-Day Immersion

This 5-day Natural Singer immersion features extended individual attention, group singing, and community support as we uncover the amazing beauty and power of our true voices.

08/23/2015 to 08/28/2015

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses.

08/26/2015 to 08/30/2015
A Shambhala Sun Retreat

Each of us has the capacity to feel fully alive and to embrace our circumstances, whatever they may be.

08/28/2015 to 08/30/2015
A Shambhala Sun Retreat

Each of us has the capacity to feel fully alive and to embrace our circumstances, whatever they may be.


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