Staff Programs

One of the great benefits of being at Omega is the opportunity to experience the multidimensional programs that are offered to both seasonal staff and core staff. Throughout the season, Omega offers a diverse selection of staff programs—classes, gatherings, and special events—designed to help staff learn new skills, find inspiration and meaning, and build a sense of community. Most of these classes are open to all staff, although some may need special permission.


Seasonal Staff FAQ

Q. Who should apply to Seasonal Staff?

A. People who believe in giving through service and see this as a way of deepening personal growth are perfect candidates for Omega’s seasonal staff. Beyond the skills and physical ability needed for all seasonal jobs at Omega, we look for staff who can work well with others, display good customer service, and embrace the principle of compassionate service. When staff join us ready and willing to give, share, and serve, we are able to build an abundant, thriving, and energetic learning community.



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