John Holland

John Holland

John Holland is a psychic medium of international renown who developed his special abilities after a near-fatal accident when he was 30 years old. Since then, he has helped thousands of people reconnect with beloved family members and friends who have died, often with spectacular results.

He regularly lectures on both the East Coast and the West Coast, and his public demonstrations provide audiences with a unique glimpse into the subject of mediumship. As a psychic medium, he helps people connect with loved ones who have passed on, often bringing a sense of closure and healing.

“Mediumship is more than just delivering messages,” he says. “It’s about the confirmation that our ‘spirit’ lives on once we leave our physical bodies and that we are still connected to those who have passed on before us.” He often refers to his mediumship as a “soul-to-soul connection,” citing the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium—a psychic draws information from a person’s aura, which can provide current and future information, while a psychic medium is the conduit between the physical world and the spirit world. Holland has studied metaphysics all his life, spending over two intensive years in England, training and working with some of the top mediums. He is author of several books, including the best-selling The Spirit Whisperer, and audio CDs. He also hosts a weekly online radio show, Spirit Connections, on Hay House Radio.

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