Ricky Baruc

ricky Baruc, Deb Habib

Vegetable farmer Ricky Baruc, together with his wife Deb Habib, is cofounder of the nonprofit organization Seeds of Solidarity, a visionary solar-powered farm and education center based in Orange, Massachusetts. Seeds of Solidarity includes a vibrant family farm, where marginal land has been transformed into fertile fields that produce crops much in demand by restaurants and food coops. The entire farm and homestead models energy efficiency and is fully powered by solar electricity. Seeds of Solidarity also implements gardens and greenhouses with schools and runs SOL Garden, a program that teaches underemployed and low-income teenagers sustainable agriculture and how to cook with local foods.

Ricky Baruc and Deb Habib are also founders of, and continue to organize with their neighbors, the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival, one of the premier agricultural events of New England. It attracts 12,000 people each year, only produces 3 bags of trash, and inspires the artistic and agricultural economy while revitalizing an economically struggling community.

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