Who We Are

People are drawn to Omega from all walks of life and a range of backgrounds. Those who work at Omega embrace service as a personal ethic, strive to spread hope and healing in the world, and enjoy exploring and deepening their own life path. While we maintain approximately 70 year-round core staff, we hire an additional 350 seasonal staff every year to help run Omega’s campus.

Planning Your Stay

We look forward to your visit! Whether you are joining us to continue lifelong learning, experience a welcoming community, or bring inspiration to your daily life, Omega's natural environment and quiet pace allow for extraordinary experiences to unfold.


Join us on Friday and Saturday evenings for special events with several of Omega's favorite teachers.

Friday, April 20 8:00 p.m.–9:30 p.m. Omega NYC participants come together for an exciting evening of inspired words and music. Elizabeth Lesser and David Wilcox With an Open Heart


Choose Just What You Want to Do

For a rich and varied experience, teens choose daily from more than 50 Omega Teen Summer Camp activities. Each afternoon, teens sign up for the next day’s activities. Two of these are weeklong intensives designed for teens to dive a little deeper. The other two activity periods change each day.

Sample Schedule

Welcome to a typical day at Omega Teen Camp! Each day includes morning yoga and meditation, plus your chance to choose from more than 50 teen summer camp activities.

Sample Schedule



At our New York teen summer camp, most campers stay in modern cedar log cabins with a supervising counselor of the same sex. Other campers stay in bunk houses also supervised by adult counselors. Our oldest boys stay in tent cabins with 3–4 boys per tent and several counselors in adjacent tents. Whenever possible, we accommodate roommate requests. While teens select their own activities daily and do not necessarily participate in events by cabin, bunk, or tent, they often develop lasting friendships with their roommates and counselors.

About Omega Teen Camp

Omega Teen Camp began in 2002 with a mission to provide teenagers, ages 13-17, with an incredible summer experience that would help them to discover who they are, and how they can live more authentic and joyful lives.

Don't get caught in teen summer limbo ... come to OTC!

Every summer, about 340 teenagers make their way to OTC to form deep connections and gain tools to navigate their lives, or create the life they want.

Health & Safety

Omega Teen Camp currently hosts more than 350 teenagers and 60 staff members each summer, who work to make OTC the warm, accepting, and empowering community it is known to be. Along with the 50 activities we offer each summer, the beautiful facilities, and the many opportunities to make friends and gain new life skills, we also provide a solid foundation of a "happy home away from home" to help teens navigate the complex process of coming of age.



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