At Omega, we are uniquely qualified to help shape a more sustainable future. We are embracing the urgency of the times with newfound commitment through our Climate Initiative. Our goal: to bring about not only institutional changes, but also expanded local, regional, and international partnerships. 

This multi-year plan aims to:

  • Energize a vocal civic platform that engages with and advances existing and emerging solutions
  • Deepen our collaborations with local, regional, and international partners, particularly in the area of climate education
  • Further develop the Omega campus and digital classroom experience as a model of sustainable, regenerative practices


We look forward to empowering communities to envision and ensure a healthy and just future for our planet, together.
Lauren Mathis ,

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) Assistant Director

Lauren Mathis, Assistant Director, Omega Center for Sustainable Living

Creating a Climate for Positive Change

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