At Omega, we are uniquely qualified to help shape a more sustainable future. We are embracing the urgency of the times with newfound commitment through our Climate Initiative. Our goal: to bring about not only institutional changes, but also expanded local, regional, and international partnerships. 

This multi-year plan aims to:

  • Energize a vocal civic platform that engages with and advances existing and emerging solutions
  • Deepen our collaborations with local, regional, and international partners, particularly in the area of climate education
  • Further develop the Omega campus and digital classroom experience as a model of sustainable, regenerative practices


We are at a critical moment when awareness and concern about climate change are building. These changes offer an opportunity to shift the larger societal perception and narrative of climate change from one of apathy, ambiguity, and avoidance to one of clarity, care, hope, possibility, and engagement.
Robert "Skip" Backus ,

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) Founder

Creating a Climate for Positive Change

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