Being Fearless Watch Parties Abound

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From India to Kansas City, communities have gathered together to watch inspiring keynotes and performances from the 2017 Being Fearless Conference, which are now available free on demand. Here are some of their stories. When is your watch party?

June Holte sees herself as a connector. 

When important news needs to be shared, this Kansas City resident springs into action.

When Holte heard that two well-known conveyors of hope and action—Paul Hawken of Project Drawdown and CNN political commentator Van Jones—were going to be appearing together at the Omega Institute's 2017 Being Fearless Conference, she organized watch parties of the event's on-demand, streaming video.

Now, a selection of inspiring and powerful presentations from Being Fearless are available free on demand.

Ecological Literacy Immersion Program Alumni Host Watch Parties

Holte's watch parties, held over potluck dinners on multiple evenings, were among a number of similar events held near and far.

In Rhinecliff, New York, just a few miles from the Omega campus, there was a public viewing of presentations by Hawken, journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, and spoken-word performers Climbing PoeTree

The event was held as part of the Rhinecliff Sustainability Series at a local library and open to the public. It was organized by Sue Sie, a Rhinecliff resident and an alumnus of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living's Ecological Literacy Immersion Program (ELIP).

"I felt that everybody should see it," Sie said. "It’s so important. It provides such inspiration to move forward in a nonjudgmental way."

In Udaipur, a city in western India, a watch party was hosted by Rita Dixit-Kubiak, another ELIP alumnus.

"We focus on ecology, human rights, social justice, intangible heritage, and human expression through the arts," Dixit-Kubiak said. "Van Jones and Paul Hawken speak to the above subjects with great eloquence and provide solutions."

Dixit-Kubiak said she hopes to establish of group of concerned and engaged citizens in Udaipur.

"This will be my way of doing a follow up on the Being Fearless Conference in the city where I live," she said.