October 9, 2017

Being Fearless 2017: Resource Guide

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Looking to go deeper? Here's a helpful list of resources and links to learn more about the work and recommendations of the inspiring presenters from the 2017 Being Fearless conference.

Robert "Skip" Backus


Website: Omega InstituteOmega Center for Sustainable Living

Twitter: @omega_institute@SkipBackus

Facebook: @Omega.Institute

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Brooklyn United Marching Band


Website: Brooklyn United Marching Band

Twitter: @BKunitedMB

Facebook: @Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program


Sister Joan Chittister


Website: Joan ChittisterMonasteries of the Heart

Twitter: @joanchittister

Facebook: @sisterjoanchittister

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Conference Quotes: "Our strength lies in speaking the truth clearly, courageously, faithfully, fearlessly." "Presence may not be much. But it is all we have to bring. And it may be all that matters." "Charity and justice are not the same. Charity sustains people, only justice changes the evil in their lives." "We can't settle down. We must go fearlessly, faithfully on." "If we want to win the game of our lives, we must be willing to risk it all."


Elijah Coles-Brown


Website: Dreamers Imagine

Twitter: @Elicolesbrown

Facebook: @DreamersImagine

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Conference Quotes: "My mom might be my advocate, but then I decided it was time for me to stand up for myself." 


Omékongo Dibinga


Website: Omékongo Dibinga

Twitter: @omekongo

Facebook: @omekongo

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Conference Quotes: "We need to focus on the quality and quantity of giving attention." "We can’t accept fear. We should be fearful more of our inaction than our action." "Life doesn’t care about your excuses, only about your results." 


Amy Goodman


Website: Democracy Now 

Twitter: @democracynow

Facebook: @democracynow

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Conference Quotes: " 'We will not be silent.' That should be the Hippocratic oath of the media." "People who care are not a fringe minority, not even the silent majority, but a silenced majority." 


Tristan Harris


Website: Tristan Harris, Time Well Spent

Twitter: @tristanharris

Facebook: @tristanharrisTWS

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Conference Quotes: "Facebook wants to tell you that Facebook is just a neutral tool. I am here to tell you why this is not true." "Never before in history have 50 to 100 people working at a handful of tech companies shaped what a billion people are going to think." "What is best for business and capturing attention is not the same as what is best for people." "Let's couple profit with choices we are proud of." 


David Hasbury


Website: Neighbours International

Twitter: @cocreationca

Facebook: @NeighboursInternational  Check out Dave's Facebook page to see some photos from Being Fearless, among his other recent projects & events.


Paul Hawken


Website: Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown

Twitter: @PaulHawken

Facebook: @PaulHawkenAuthor

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Conference References: Book: The Invention of Nature. Alexander von Humboldt's New World

Conference Quotes: "The idea that we want to mitigate climate change or global warming is the most underwhelming goal I’ve ever heard of." "The only goal that makes sense is not to reduce, but to reverse." "When you set bigger goals, everything opens up. Innovation. Creativity. Ingenuity. Genuis. Possibilities." 


Van Jones


Website: Van Jones

Twitter: @VanJones68

Facebook: @vanjones

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Conference References: Video: A Deeper Patriotism

Conference Quotes: "We have to be the beating heart of this democracy." "Too often we forget that we need each other." "The problem we’re having is acting like democracy is an app we can download every 4 years. Democracy is hard work." "Change is hard for people. We can’t cut the cord of empathy." "People with a spiritual practice are essential to the conversations we need to have today." "Hoarding your spiritual capital is like hoarding your financial capital. You are supposed to spend it." "Our spirituality, our practice, should be designed to give us the strength to face reality not run from it." 


Jon Kabat-Zinn


Website: Jon Kabat-Zinn

Twitter: @jonkabatzinn

Facebook: @kabatzinn

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Conference References: Book: Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America Book: Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst 

Conference Quotes: "When the doing comes out of  being, it’s an entirely different kind of doing." "Mindfulness is cultivating intimacy. It’s actually a love affair with the full dimensionality of your humanity." "We are Stone Age minds with nuclear weapons." "We know a lot about the brain, but it is nothing compared to what we don’t know." "The first action I would propose for transforming the planet is in some sense to drop in on ourselves and be still."


Rhonda V. Magee


Website: Rhonda V. Magee

Twitter: @rvmagee

Facebook: @RhondaVMagee

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Conference References: Book: Beloved

Conference Quotes: "For African Americans, and particularly African-American women, there is this messaging that we don’t come from any place. And we have to constantly prove our value." "Each of us has different kinds of troubles in this society. And it is important to pause, to know that we are all one, and to know that there is a way in which those senses of identity dissolve into nothing."


Jon Meacham


Website: Jon Meacham

Twitter: @jmeacham

Facebook: @meachamjon

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Conference Quotes: "I think if we are curious, humble and empathetic, we will have a better chance of listening to our better angels." "Empathy is essential in politics." "In a democracy we are only as good as the sum of our parts." 3 Characteristics of great presidents: Intellectual curiosity. Humility. Empathy.


David W. Orr


Website: Oberlin Project 

Twitter: @OberlinProject

Facebook: @OberlinProject

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Conference References: Event: The State of American Democracy

Conference Quotes: "Government is where you and I say 'ours' and 'we' and 'us.' " "Why not include other life forms as part of the constituency of democracy?" "There are better ways to think of rights. How about the right to a stable environment?" "We cannot demonize the other side." 


Climbing PoeTree


Website: Climbing PoeTree

Twitter: @ClimbingPoeTree

Facebook: @climbingpoetree

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Conference Quotes: "If I told you what I know: Love is stronger than hate/and truth is more enduring than any form that lies can take/If you are not willing to change, I know nothing will change."


Ali SmithAtman Smith & Andres Gonzalez


Website: Holistic Life Foundation

Twitter: @HLFINC


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Conference Quotes: "Send love to people you care about. Send love to people that stress you out. Send love to yourself." "Life was a lot more stressful without meditation, that centering and inner peace." "The one thing that conquers fear is love." "Let’s stop placing blame, pointing fingers and complaining. Let’s be the solution."


Opal Tometi


Website: Opal Tometi

Twitter: @opalayo

Facebook: @OpalTometi

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Conference Quotes: "I have the right to exist wherever I am, however I am, however I choose to be." "Dissent is critical and essential to a healthy democracy."  "I believe people of conscience are the majority. And even if we are not, it only takes a few to transform the world." "Justice is never ever having another mother, brother, sibling bury their loved one."


Truthworker Theatre Company


Website: Truthworker Theatre Company

Twitter: @SamaraGaev

Facebook: @SamaraGaev


Sarah van Gelder


Website: The Revolution Where You Live, YES! Magazine

Twitter: @sarahvangelder @yesmagazine

Facebook: @yesmagazine

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Conference Quotes: "We are in a time of multiple systems failure. We are at a time when almost anything we take for granted is up for grabs." "It’s a time when we are running out of time, especially the climate crisis. I think of my granddaughter. Her name is Justice." "We have the power to change the stories of our time when we start in the places where we live." 


Cornel West


Website: Cornel West

Twitter: @CornelWest

Facebook: @drcornelwest

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Conference Quotes: "You have to be open to make yourself vulnerable so you can be empowered in a way you may not have expected." "Never confuse justice with philanthropy. Never confuse justice with charity." "Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself." "In America we like to talk about problems. But when it comes to catastrophe, we are in denial." "We've got more than spiritual work to do, we've got to turn our lives upside down." "Joy is about learning how to die." "We have to muster the courage to be a wounded helper rather than a wounded hurter."


Water Protectors: Andreanne Catt & Lauren Howland


Website: Seeding Sovereignty 

Twitter: @SeedSovereignty

Facebook: @SeedingSovereignty Lauren and Andreanne are also part of the International Indigenous Youth Council.

Conference Quotes: "Stand tall with no fear. Be tall with no fear." "The front lines are everywhere, whether they are in school, changing policies, or whether it is in Standing Rock fighting a pipeline." "When you are on those front lines, you stand tall with no fear and you speak the truth even if your voice shakes." "We are all talking about resistance, but we fail to include the people who have been resisting for the last 500 years." "As indigenous people who have been fighting forever, we have the knowledge. We have fought the battles. Our existence is resistance."


Laura Weiland


Website: Omega Center for Sustainable Living 

Twitter: @leweiland32

Facebook: @Omega.OCSL

Conference References: Omega's 4-week Ecological Literacy Immersion Program (ELIP) July 1-27, 2018


Jamia Wilson


Website: Jamia Wilson

Twitter: @jamiaw


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Conference Quotes: "Community organizing is how we show up for each other." "Protesting, marching and tweeting truth to power may not be immediate but it’s impactful. We need to play the long game." "Shared values can build momentum, shift culture, and affect policy."