Staying Mindful Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis | Omega

Try these practices from Omega’s most trusted mindfulness and meditation teachers to find your balance during the Coronavirus global health pandemic. 

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    Which Meditation Is Right for You?

    Tune Into Your Style

    When the world feels topsy-turvy, it’s only natural to want to establish some stability. You can start by finding a practice that works for you from Omega's introductory guide to meditation.
  • Find the Still Voice Within

    Find your inner peaceful warrior during these challenging times with this simple yet powerful meditation from Omega's cofounder Elizabeth Lesser.
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    10-Minute RAIN Meditation Practice

    12:39 minute watch

    Awaken Your Bodhisattva Heart

    Join internationally known meditation teacher Tara Brach for a guided RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) practice, a 4-step process to deepen compassion and presence.
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    Cultivating Mindfulness In Difficult Times

    22:09 minute watch

    Be With Uncertainty

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat-Zinn offers guidance along with a dose of humor and optimism for responding mindfully to the fear and uncertainty of difficult times (from his 2018 lecture at Lincoln Center in New York City).
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    How to Relieve Anxiety With a Mindfulness Exercise

    Try a 5-Minute Mindfulness Exercise

    Feeling too anxious for a longer meditation? This mindful check-in can be done in three-to-five minutes to help you move attention away from worrisome thoughts.
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    3 Meditations To Help Improve Your Sleep

    3 Meditations To Help You Sleep

    If you’ve been tossing and turning, try one of these meditations aimed at helping you rest easier.
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    Govinda Gopala Chant

    02:02 minute watch

    Sing Your Meditation

    Mix up your practice from sitting in silence to a chanting meditation led by Grammy-nominated kirtan leader Jai Uttal.