Veterans, Trauma & Resilience

Veterans, Trauma & Resilience

For more than 25 years, Omega has offered hope and healing to veterans and their families. We provide retreats for veterans and training opportunities for health-care professionals that focus on resilience, reintegration, and complementary and alternative medicine treatments. These programs and practices create a sense of connection, provide new skills and resilience tools, and give veterans a place to feel they fully belong.

Workshops & Trainings

Omega donors generously underwrite our veterans programs. Scholarships covering all but $75 of total costs are available to veterans. Scholarship application links will be included in each program description once posted. For a downloadable pdf of these courses please click here.

The effects of military trauma and post-traumatic stress are vast, and reintegration can be overwhelming for veterans and their families. At a time when resources are so limited, we are happy to provide important healing modalities to veterans.
Robert “Skip” Backus ,

chief executive officer at Omega

Vets meditating

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