Omega Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion (JEDI) Statement:

Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, Omega’s mission is to provide hope and healing to individuals and society. At Omega, we envision a world where all people can awaken their full potential while caring for each other and the Earth. We believe that the well-being of each of us is deeply connected to the well-being of all living things. Our strategic framework for carrying out our mission is: Teach–create inspired learning experiences; Model–demonstrate what we teach; Act–engage emerging solutions. And, as a community of learners, we are committed to putting our organizational aspirations into practice.

We maintain that building and sustaining diversity requires an ongoing commitment to inclusion that must find full expression in our organizational culture, values, norms and behaviors. Throughout our work, we support diversity across all lines of difference, including age, economic circumstance, ethnicity, sex, race, range of ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity/expression. We aim to lead by example, viewing and encouraging diversity as a fundamental charge within the field of holistic education and the nonprofit sector.

Omega recognizes that we cannot fully embody our mission until the practice of inclusion is reflected in all aspects of the organization, and specifically when:

Board Membership

Our board of directors reflects the rich and growing diversity of our broader community.


We create and implement programs using our awareness of cultural differences and treat all participants with respect. We seek input from staff at all levels of the organization and work with a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure that our programs are inclusive.

Policies and Procedures

Our commitment to inclusiveness is evident in our organizational policies and procedures, as part of our strategic plan, and within our organizational goals.


Our staffing at every level of the organization is reflective of our commitment to having the broadest representation of perspectives possible. Associated recruitment and hiring practices reflect a commitment to the value of inclusion. We foster a workplace that respects each individual, seeks and values diverse perspectives, and ensures each employee can actively contribute to fulfilling the organization’s mission.


We share our commitment to inclusion as a core value and practice with current and potential donors and encourage donors to consider and embrace these values.

We know from experience that we won’t get it right all the time, but we are strengthening our commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, and calling on our community to join us in this critical pursuit.