Yoga Service

Yoga Service

Yoga and service have always been core components of Omega’s offering, and continue to serve as transformative tools for cultivating personal and collective resilience.

Over the years, we have been working with an ever-widening network of people and organizations that bring yoga into the lives of individuals and communities with limited access to these vital teachings. Through this experience we have learned that the power of working together is much stronger than walking the path alone.

Our Partner

The Yoga Service Collective (formerly Yoga Service Council) has been a crucial partner in our work. Together we have supported and helped to shape the emerging field of yoga service for more than a decade, through annual conferences, best practice symposiums, and an acclaimed series of best practice guides.

Yoga Service Collective
There is a revolution that needs to happen for real change to transpire, but it’s a revolution that begins from within.
Seane Corn ,

Omega teacher & cofounder of Off the Mat, Into the World

Our Teachers

Omega’s yoga service programs continue to feature leaders in the field who bring these teachings to a broad spectrum of people—including early education teachers, health-care professionals, veterans, at-risk youth, and the elderly.

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