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About Omega

More than simply a place, Omega is a global community that awakens the best in the human spirit and cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in us all.

What Is Omega Institute for Holistic Studies?

Omega is a nonprofit, donor-supported, educational organization at the forefront of holistic studies. Located on more than 250 acres in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega offers a wide variety of workshops, retreats, conferences, and professional trainings, in-person and online. Since 1977, more than one million people have come to Omega for reasons big and smallto spark creativity, explore spirituality, improve well-being, and connect to a community of lifelong learners. 

Our Framework

Over decades of engaging with gifted thought leaders, teachers, staff, and participants who have walked through our doors, we've developed a strategic framework for carrying out our mission: TEACH. MODEL. ACT.

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Create Inspired Learning Experiences
Omega provides a vibrant curriculum that integrates campus based education with online learning. We offer a wide variety of workshops, retreats, conferences, and trainings.

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Demonstrate What We Teach
From program choices to purchasing policies, from environmental practices to service ethic, Omega takes great care to model the holistic principles we teach.

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Engage Emerging Solutions
Omega is focused on advancing solutions for pressing issues and inspiring our growing constituency to take action in their own lives and broader communities.

Legacy: Awakening the Best in the Human Spirit Since 1977

Omega has consistently been at the forefront of driving personal, social, and cultural change.  Through our many lifelong learning opportunities, Centers, and Initiatives, our work has helped advance: