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The Angelic Path to Self-Love

With Lorna Byrne.

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Connect to the love within you & the guidance available from your guardian angel in this online course with Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My Hair.

Learn more about the angelic path to self-love.

Are you ready to connect to the powerful force of love within you?

Join Irish spiritual teacher Lorna Byrne as she guides you to love yourself, walk through the losses in your life, and connect to the guidance available from your guardian angel.

Through personal stories, meditations, and more, Lorna helps you to:

  • Recognize your self-worth and celebrate who you are
  • Uncover and release the love within yourself
  • Connect and deepen your relationship with your guardian angel
  • Learn how your angels help you navigate the ups and downs of life
  • Release emotions and be more gentle with yourself as you cope with grief

"We all have the potential for new beginnings. The most powerful new beginning anyone can make is to allow love—love for yourself and love for others—to grow,” says Lorna.

Join her—and the angels—to start your journey to self-love today.

Course online


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2021 The Angelic Path to Self-Love

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