workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Animal Mindfulness


Jun 23–28, 2024


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Sarah Bowen with a horse

Unleash your ability to relate to animals on a deeper level.

Sarah A. Bowen, Judy Ramsey, and Amanda Ree each discuss their approach to animal mindfulness work.


Unleash your ability to relate to animals on a deeper level as you develop stronger connections and increased understanding of the more-than-human world.

Guided by animal chaplain Sarah A. Bowen, shamanic teacher Judy Ramsey, and holistic Ayurveda educator Amanda Ree, you:

  • Attain insight into the spiritual lives of animals
  • Discover mindfulness practices that create harmonious bonds, boost relaxation, and reduce negative emotions
  • Practice interspecies coping strategies to tackle compassion fatigue
  • Learn to use holistic modalities like Ayurveda and Chakras for animal-focused healing
  • Experience shamanic journeying as a conscious connection to animal wisdom
  • Reflect and grow from your stories of animal love and loss
  • Try unique methods of animal communication, enhancing your ability to explore the world through an animal's perspective.

All animal lovers are welcome on this mutual, soul-enriching journey. No prior experience is necessary.

A Concise Overview of Each Day

Day 1: Animal Emotions & Spirituality
Explore the emotional and spiritual dimensions of animals' lives. Learn new practices to deepen your connection with animals.

Day 2: Healing Bonds
Discover the research-backed benefits of human-animal bonds for mental wellness and health.

Day 3: Journeying with Animals
Develop your ability to access animal wisdom from different species through shamanically inspired practices.

Day 4: Coping with Loss
Learn compassionate ways to support animals and their human companions through life's challenges, with the healing science of Ayurveda.

Day 5: Self-Care for Advocates
Explore strategies for resilience and self-care, plus delve into ethical dilemmas in the more-than-human world, alongside our experienced team.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 23–28, 2024

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Animal Mindfulness

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  • Sarah A. Bowen

    Sarah Bowen, cofounder of Compassion Consortium, is an animal chaplain and author.

  • Judy Liu Ramsey and a cat

    Judy Liu Ramsey

    Judy Liu Ramsey is a shamanic teacher, professional animal communicator, and interspecies counselor.

  • Amanda-Ree-bio_cropped

    Amanda Ree

    Amanda Ree is an animal chaplain and holistic educator devoted to expanding animal and human...