workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Grow Food Everywhere

DIY for Well-Being & Joy


Jun 14–16, 2024


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Balcony garden with tomatoes and carrots

Gain methods and inspiration to create and improve your food-producing gardens, from window sills to lawns to lots, with Ricky Baruc and Deb Habib.

Jordan Williams shares his experience with Growing Food Everywhere during Omega's Ecological Literacy Immersion Program.

Rising food costs, coupled with supply-chain fragility, make growing food for yourself and your community ever vital—and possible—in any setting.

Join Deb Habib and Ricky Baruc in this weekend workshop that includes hands-on experience and support to create and improve food-producing gardens, from windowsills to lawns to urban lots.

Gain ideas and learn methods for using low-cost and recycled materials, and simple garden tools to create healthy soil and low-maintenance, climate-resilient gardens and farms. You:

  • Learn techniques to build healthy soil naturally, while reducing watering and weeding
  • Get tips for vegetable, herb, and flower gardens that promote your well-being while supporting pollinators

Those new to gardening return home with knowledge and skills to grow their own food. Experienced growers learn new techniques to enrich their current practices. We all gain inspiration to transform our gardening, communities, and lives.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 14–16, 2024

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Grow Food Everywhere

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