workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Leave With Love

A Weekend of Deep Heart Healing, Connection & Loving Acceptance

With Athena Monet.

Aug 23–25, 2024


Member: $355.00

Standard: $395.00

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Delve into shamanic approaches to heal emotional wounds from past relationships and transitions with the Seaside Shaman, Athena Monet.

Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery filled with shamanic wisdom and approaches to heal emotional wounds from past relationships.

During this transformative weekend retreat, Athena Monet, author of Leave With Love, draws from her own experiences and a decade of guiding hundreds of clients through difficult relationship endings and transitions. Athena shares practices to soothe your heart and find inner peace when grief strikes.

Through guided journaling, meditation, shamanic journeys, and group discussions, you:

  • Learn shamanic approaches to healing wounds left by painful relationship endings and transitions
  • Explore shamanic practices to soothe the heart and find peace when the pain of grief strikes
  • Discover how to connect with the "higher self" of others, fostering acceptance and understanding

Leave with newfound understanding, acceptance, closure, and connection as you realize that relationships never truly end, they merely transform.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 23–25, 2024

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Leave With Love

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    Athena Monet

    Athena Monet, a.k.a. the Seaside Shaman, is an author, shaman, intuitive healer, and spiritual guide...