workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Light of Hope

With Lorna Byrne.

Jul 26–28, 2024


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Light through the trees in an orchard

Bring more hope into your life, as you deepen your spiritual connection, guided by international spiritual teacher Lorna Byrne.

Lorna Byrne says there is always hope, and you can take the next step, guided by your guardian angel.

Every day we need hope—to see the hope in front of us, to give us faith, courage, and strength. Life can be very difficult, but if you are living it fully, you will always see hope ahead of you and you will find moments of joy, even in the toughest of circumstances. Join Lorna Byrne for a special retreat dedicated to deepening your spiritual connection and recognizing hope in your life.

For more than a decade, international spiritual teacher Lorna Byrne has been helping countless people around the world, of all beliefs and none, to connect to their spiritual side.

According to Lorna, when you allow this connection to your soul and your relationship with your guardian angel to deepen, you discover more of who you really are—an incredible spiritual being. Becoming more aware of the spiritual part of yourself is a tremendous sign of hope. It helps you see all the different paths and opportunities unfolding in front of you.

In this retreat Lorna will help you:

  • Reconnect and understand more about your own unique, spiritual side
  • Understand how the beautiful angel of hope guides you in your life and how other angels help and encourage you every day
  • See how to find moments of hope even in the toughest of circumstances

Throughout the weekend, you receive teachings and meditations from Lorna, tailored exercises, and time for reflection. You may have time in a group setting to practice what you are being taught and to share and learn from others. There will also be plenty of opportunities for questions and answers with Lorna.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 26–28, 2024

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The Light of Hope

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  • Lorna Byrne

    Lorna Byrne is a spiritual teacher, philanthropist, and author of seven best-selling books.