workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Living in Alignment

Quiet the Ego & Connect with Your Soul

With Cory Muscara.

Jun 28–30, 2024


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Cory Muscara teaching

Find true alignment in your life by learning to quiet the noise of the ego and connecting to the truth of your soul.

Cory Muscara describes his own exploration of embodied listening and quiet knowing to find the voice of his soul.

There's a place within you, separate from thoughts, beliefs, trauma, and external influence, that serves as your inner compass. It's an incredibly simple voice, but it's shrouded in years of conditioning, doubt, and outside noise.

When we're not in touch with this voice, we experience being out of alignment. We start doing things based on other people's ideas, rather than our own knowing.

It's a slippery slope, and we can fall fast.

Join Cory Muscara on this journey, to get in touch with the ways we’ve been out of touch, and rebuild our life from a place of embodied listening and quiet knowing. We explore what it means to live from the voice of the soul rather than the noise of the ego.

This workshop is available both in-person and via livestream. Learn more and register for the online event. Please be aware that our digital team will be present during the event to record and facilitate this session live online. If you do not wish to be captured on camera, please let an Omega team member know at the start of the workshop. 

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Please Note: Participants also receive 30+ meditations, practices for connecting to intuitive guidance, a 31-Day mindfulness and positive psychology course, Mindfulness Starter Kit, and audio courses related to sleep, anxiety, and relaxation.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 28–30, 2024

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Living in Alignment

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  • Omega faculty Cory Muscara

    Cory Muscara

    Cory Muscara is a former monk, host of the Practicing Human podcast, and best-selling author.