workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Overcoming Trauma, Tension & Anxiety

The Stress Is Gone Method

With Brett Cotter.

Jul 5–7, 2024


Member: $325.00

Standard: $360.00

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Break free from trauma and reconnect with your source of strength with Stress Is Gone founder Brett Cotter.

Watch as Brett Cotter reveals how to naturally stop negative thoughts on the spot with the Stress Is Gone Method

Feel tension leave your body as you break through deep blocks to happiness, helping you move forward and re-engage in life. Through intuitive core-issue discovery, guided release work, inner-child empowerment, music, movement, and meditation, Brett Cotter walks you through mending deep emotional pain to bring lasting peace throughout your life.

During this weekend intensive, you:

  • Release deep emotional stress, trauma, and tension
  • Reconnect with your source of joy and self-love
  • Learn how to clear your mind and ground your body

The Stress Is Gone Method, as taught by Brett in Fortune 500 corporations, schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations, quickly releases layers of stress and anxiety by:

  • Safely surfacing the unconscious fear fueling your stress, anxiety, or pain
  • Releasing core fear on a cellular level with guided expressions
  • Reconnecting with your essence to feel lasting inner strength, peace, and security

Please note: Stress Is Gone supports participants with ongoing aftercare to assist with the daily challenges that arise after the retreat. Each participant gets a one-year membership to the Stress Is Gone Academy, which includes three weekly meditation classes, one live training per week, and one monthly workshop. The retreat workbook includes Stress Stopper Breathwork, Anxiety Freedom Technique, Traumatic Memory Release Technique, Transform Negative Thoughts Technique, and the Freedom Formula.

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Tuition for all veterans is $100 off using code VETCOTTER.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 5–7, 2024

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Overcoming Trauma, Tension & Anxiety

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  • Brett Cotter

    Brett Cotter

    Brett Cotter, founder of Stress Is Gone, helps people heal traumatic memories and overcome fear.