workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Return to the Source With Tai Chi


Aug 16–18, 2024


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Michael Craft leading a Tai Chi class

Explore the fundamental principles of tai chi as contemplative experience through traditional solo and partner practices with Michael Craft.

Longtime qigong practitioner Michael Craft demonstrates how to move through the three phases of this easy, undulating practice that helps create an open, flexible spine and assists with weight loss and longevity.

Tai Chi (taijiquan) is a system of serene, flowing movements originally based on martial arts and used by millions of people around the world as a graceful, moving meditation that provides a refreshing retreat from the busy world.

The traditional standing meditation practices are especially powerful for increasing personal vitality and supporting longevity. Tai chi's interactive partner practices also support flexible, healthy boundaries and conscious relationships. Regular practice of these mindfulness-based arts promotes health, strength, confidence, longevity, calmness, and peace of mind.

Join us for this refreshing, revitalizing exploration of traditional solo and partner practices emphasizing the fundamental principles of tai chi and qigong as contemplative experience. This retreat is designed to give beginning and returning students alike a solid foundation upon which to continue the enjoyment of these wonderful exercises.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 16–18, 2024

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Return to the Source With Tai Chi

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  • Michael Craft

    Michael Craft, Senior Strategist for the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, teaches tai chi...