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The Yoga Face

Face Yoga Fundamentals for Wellness & Rejuvenation


Jun 7–9, 2024


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Learn to improve facial wellness and magnify your natural beauty with Yoga Face creator and author Annelise Hagen.

Yoga Face creator Annelise Hagen shares a 10-minute "face lift" routine using facial yoga moves.

Facial wellness is largely overlooked in contemporary yoga practice. Ancient techniques for facial yoga exist and can be applied for facial wellness, holistic health and integration, and rejuvenation.

Yoga Face, the world's first facial yoga system, combines traditional yoga, acupressure, massage, breathwork, and other modalities to help you look and feel your best. In this weekend workshop with Yoga Face creator Annelise Hagen, you explore the eight-limbed path of yoga as applied to facial wellness, including breath, asana, meditation, and philosophy.

Incorporating gua shua, a traditional Chinese healing method, Tibetan energy medicine, plant medicine, mantra, and chanting, you improve facial wellness and magnify your natural beauty. You release tension, increase tone, and gain skills to apply this work to your home yoga practice or your healing or teaching practice.

Annelise will teach her standardized and effective set of facial exercises, proven to lift, tone, and smooth the face, so you will have a core facial workout you can take home with you and practice on your own for maximum results.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 7–9, 2024

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The Yoga Face

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    Annelise Hagen

    Annelise Hagen is a yoga teacher, performer, and author of The Yoga Face.