workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Yoga & Transformational Inner Work (TIW)

With Seane Corn.

Jul 12–14, 2024


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Take an empowering mind-body-spirit journey with Transformational Inner Work (TIW), guided by yoga activist Seane Corn.

Seane Corn guides a meditation about how healing and transformation manifests in your life.

Dive deep into the psychosomatic experience of Transformational Inner Work (TIW) that leads to personal growth, guided by yoga activist and cofounder of Global Seva Challenge Seane Corn. Within the realm of yoga, TIW seamlessly incorporates asanas, pranayama, energetic anatomy, meditation, contemplation, and an exploration of yoga philosophy and spiritual practices. Seane says that, through this work, you can reshape hidden patterns, beliefs, and emotions that influence your thoughts, actions, and relationships.

These practices also include reflection, journal writing, and introspection as you begin to unpack the complexities of your inner world, uncovering elements that may be obstructing your progress or causing conflict or suffering.

This meaningful experience goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom, cultivate self-compassion, and nurture profound connections with yourself and others.

Be prepared to dive deep, self-reflect, release energy, feed your soul, align with Source, and open your body, heart, and mind to freedom, happiness, and empowerment.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 12–14, 2024

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Yoga & Transformational Inner Work (TIW)

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  • Seane Corn

    Seane Corn is a yoga teacher and community leader known for her impassioned activism.