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Your All-Inclusive Stay

Omega’s All-Inclusive Stay offers flexible lodging options, nourishing meals, and a host of activities and amenities.

Sleep. Eat. Play. Explore.

When you book a workshop or Rest & Rejuvenation Retreat at Omega, you gain access to an all-inclusive package that enhances Omega’s unique learning experience. Our All-Inclusive Stay provides all of the essentials and more.

What's Included


You have a variety of choices to stay on our lovely campus.  Commuting is also an option.

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Delicious, Healthy Meals

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Mostly plant-based foods with vegan & gluten-free options served in our air-conditioned Dining Hall.

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Activities & Amenities

Everything from attending classes to enjoying nature, meditating to playing pickleball - and much more - is included.

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Treatments at the Wellness Center and purchases at the Store or Café are not included.

What Makes Up the Cost of Staying on Omega's Campus?

Omega is an almost 50-year old nonprofit organization housed on a 100 year-old campus. We're proud stewards of 250 acres of land and 116 wood-framed buildings.

There are a lot of operational costs that cannot be neatly squared — such as rising energy costs, lightning strikes, land rehabilitation; but, we want you to know where your hard-earned dollars go when you visit and support Omega.

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Housing & Maintenance

In addition to maintaining the beautiful grounds and gardens that participants like you enjoy, we're also protecting and maintaining the water, soil, and trees that support us.

During the season we invest about $400,000 on campus maintenance.  When Omega is closed over winter we expect to spend between $500,000 and $1,000,000 repairing and maintaining housing and classrooms.


We pride ourselves on offering fresh meals with an emphasis on plant-based cuisine.  We also work hard to accommodate dietary restrictions.  In the Omega dining hall, we cook on average $700,000 worth of food during the season.


In addition to the year-round team of about 60 people, every summer 200 or more seasonal staffers join us to support every part of the participant experience — from groundskeeping to registration.  A week on campus sees more than $170,000 in staffing expenses.

It's part of our practice to invest in our Omega team.  Seasonal staff take holistic studies classes, join one Omega workshop of their choice, and attend daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, and meditation.  This key benefit reflects our mission to awaken the best in the human spirit and bring teaching and wisdom to as many learners as possible.


Omega's mission is committed to making lifelong learning programs accessible to participants of all economic means.  Annually, we invest nearly $1,000,000 to host nonprofit retreats free of charge, offer reduced and free program and housing scholarships, and underwrite critical capacity building training and programming.


Operating expenses are a broad category, but they include everthing from the insurance we pay on campus to our phone systems and website maintenance. This cost allows us to sustain, grow, and thrive as we adapt to the new economy and the changing needs of our community.

We look forward to hosting you as a participant and supporter.  Learn about more ways to support Omega.