Bring More Peace To Your Holiday Season

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Want to bring down the volume on gift giving and choose a simpler way to celebrate the holidays? Jeanne Ricks, author of The Biology of Beating Stress, discusses how to care for yourself and find true peace this season. 

By Jeanne Ricks

I’d like to introduce you to a new concept: peace. Yes, underneath it all, isn’t that what the holiday season is truly about?

Beyond the gifts and the giving, the decorations, and the delicious food, we must not forget the central message was about peace.

Peace can be defined as a state of tranquility or quiet and harmony in personal relationships. So why not reclaim that by introducing some space for it within everything else that you’re doing? The big question then becomes: how?

Peace Is Not Perfection

Let’s start here: Peace does not mean perfection, not even close, so cut yourself some slack. 

Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t all have to get done. Sure, it would be nice, but what if you take another look at that never-ending to-do list or your shopping list and bring a little more reality into focus. 

Let’s reduce some of the weight on your shoulders to be perfect since no such thing exists.

There are so many holiday gatherings. Maybe that means limiting the amount of face-time that you give at some of those festive occasions to carve out a little more time for the people you really want to be with. 

Drop The Comparisons

Are you feeling pressure around giving your kids the same magical holidays that some other family has, or that you yourself had in the past, or that you idealized as a child but did not have?

Let it go! Peace does not mean comparison. Your family will create its own traditions as the perfect fit for your family.

Also, peace does not mean extravagance. Remember, there may be momentary excitement for those presents and activities, but that is not the same as lasting joy.

Let Your Holidays Be Simple

Find your peace in simplicity. Bring down the volume on the gift giving and choose something simple and thoughtful, which really will be meaningful to the receiver.

For children—and for adults, too—there is no greater gift than unhurried time together. Give the gift of yourself to everyone you care about.

Wishing you peace in all you do (or don't do) this holiday season.