Staff Directory

Executive Offices

Chief Executive Officer   Robert "Skip" Backus
Chief Marketing Officer   Meg Downey
Chief External Affairs Officer   Carla Goldstein
Chief Operations Officer   Lois Guarino
Chief Financial Officer   Joel Levitan
Executive Assistant to the COO   Caitlin O'Brien
Executive Assistant to the CEAO   Marta Szabo

Campus Operations

Campus Operations Director   Holly VanLeuvan
Guest Services Manager   Aja Frend
Registration Manager   Rose Hues
Registration Customer Service Supervisor   Randi Marshall
Housing Coordinator   Francis Comesanas
Faculty Housing Coordinator   Sophie Greller
Scholarship Administrator   Diana Benz
Reservationist & CEU Administrator   Christin Nosenchuk
Reservationist   Bridgit Mulpeter
Reservationist   Cheryl Rice
Reservationist   Lynda Sorenson
Reservationist   Michelle Gibson

Curriculum Programs

Rhinebeck Programs Director   Carol Donahoe
Business Management Associate Director   Debbie Warnes
Rhinebeck Programs Assistant Director   Veronica Domingo
Senior Program Curriculum Developer   Peter Criswell
Omega Program Strategist   Brett Bevell
Program Business Administrator   Alyson Swart
Curriculum Programs Project Manager   Jennifer Bosch


Development Director   Veronica Fitzgerald
Development Associate Director   Kate Cruz
Annual Fund and Membership Manager   Amanda Graham
Communication Strategist   Alyssa Barrett
Development Events Strategist   Lauren Mathis
Major Gifts Officer   Suzanne Leon
Information Systems & Senior Research Associate   Susan Miller

Event Services

Event Services Assistant Director   Chris LaBarca
Audio/Visual Manager   Ken Kuter
Event Services Manager   Rich Taylor
Event Services Administrative Coordinator   Jennifer Scott
Seasonal Assistant Production Manager/Maintenance Crew   Bob Benz

External Affairs

Membership Director   Lauryn Franzoni
External Communications Director   Chrissa Santoro
Community Engagement Manager   Betty Schlicht
Media Relations Specialist   Jeff Kosmacher
Membership Coordinator   Quinn Gruver


Maintenance & Facilities Coordinator   Charles Maccabee
Maintenance   Adam Hall
Maintenance   Daniel Hues
Maintenance   Walt Hunt


Finance Associate Director   Jennifer Adler
Accounting Support Specialist   Linda Phillips
Accounting Assistant   Charles Waltermyer

Information Technology

Information Technology Manager   Rob Ellsworth
Senior Data Systems Manager   Leëta Damon
IT Project Manager and System Analyst   Kristen DeFilippo LaBarca
Network Administrator   David Holzman
Data & Distribution Clerk   Carol Matthews


Editorial Director   Angela Casey
Digital Marketing Director   Laurie Hunt
Marketing Project Strategist   Holly Nelson
Managing Editor   Andrea Durbin
Senior Writer/Producer   Sean Finn
Web Developer   Matthew Kornheisl
Social Media Specialist   Gina Rothe
Senior Content Writer/Producer   Suzanne Boothby

Media Design

Creative Director   Kathleen Laucius
Design Studio Manager   Jackie Gregory
Graphic Designer   Kristoff Lalicki
Staff Photographer   Dondre Green

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)

OCSL Director   Laura Weiland
OCSL Communications, Editorial & Marketing Strategist   John Ferro
Administrative Coordinator   Moira Cleary-Dwyer
Gardener   Pam Vitarius

Omega Digital

Digital Media Director   Rob Harris
Sound Engineer & Composer   Scott Mueller
Senior Video Producer   Jay Galione
Video Producer   Natasha Scully

Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC)

OWLC Director   Sarah Urech
OWLC Community Engagement Specialist   Barbara "Bobbie" Arrington
OWLC Administrative Assistant   Alma Rodriguez

People & Culture

People & Culture Director   Shulin Chinilson
Human Resources Generalist   Nancy Couse
Human Resources Generalist   Deb Dailey
Staff Development Specialist   Reggie Earls
FoodWorks Recruitment Specialist   Sandi Rodier
Staff Development Associate   Justin Orashan
People & Culture Administrator   Jacinta Kroner

Special Initiatives

Business & Program Development Strategist   Michael Craft

Seasonal Staff Department Managers

Café Manager   Patricia "Pria" Saferite
Campus Support Manager   John Georgalidis
Dining Services Manager   Laura Maneri
Dining Services Assistant Manager   Joshua Williams
Executive Chef   Malcom A. Sanz
Foodworks Executive Manager   Sandi Trillo
Housekeeping Manager   Cindy Campbell
Library Manager   Erik W. House
Manager on Duty   Cristina Zaccheo
Manager on Duty   Turner Dubler
Manager on Duty   David Eaton
Omega Store Manager   Jean LaPlante
Wellness Center Manager   Kelly Armour

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Omega Seasonal Community.