Europe’s Largest Consciousness Event Arrives Stateside

Novato, CA – July 10, 2018. Now in its 15th year, the Celebrate Life Festival, one of Europe’s leading consciousness events, will be held for the first time in the USA at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, on August 12-17. The theme for this year’s festival is “Restoring a Fragmented World.” With unprecedented levels of partisanship and conflict in the world, this event is an invitation to begin to heal the impact of unresolved personal and collective trauma on cultural architecture, governance, and public discourse.

The Celebrate Life Festival has been a gathering place for thousands of individuals seeking both personal transformation and new thinking about global issues. Festival founder Thomas Hübl, renowned spiritual teacher and founder of the Academy of Inner Science, and his guest speakers will engage participants through a variety of activities with an integrated focus on personal and social well-being.

Hübl and special guests including William Ury, angel Kyodo williams, Terry Real, Konda Mason, Terry Patten and Sweet Honey in the Rock will lead conversations and immersive workshops on topics ranging from intimacy as a spiritual practice to addressing cultural architecture and collective trauma.

Regarding the theme of this year’s event, Celebrate Life Festival founder Hübl says, “At the Festival we build a community, creating a safe vessel where we can look at aspects of our mutual past. When we do that, we see that many of the collective trauma and shadow fields from the past are erupting at the moment. We see the high level of polarization in culture.” Hübl emphasizes the value of restoring a sense of personal balance as a foundation for collaborating on greater global solutions. “As grown-up, mature citizens of our world, we need to take care of the issues. They are not going to take care of themselves.”

Tickets are available now through the Omega website. A portion of the profits from the Festival will go to support the Pocket Project.

About the Celebrate Life Festival
The Celebrate Life Festival is a weeklong event that includes expert-led workshops on topics including spiritual practice, intimate relationships, cultural architecture, and collective trauma.
Guided by event founder Thomas Hübl and guest speakers, festival participants will creatively engage in a deep inquiry into the profound challenges of our time. Daily scheduled events include morning yoga or body awakening practices, facilitated seminars, musical performances, individual process work, a 24-hour all-access meditation cave, and evening dances. For more information about the Celebrate Life Festival, visit

About Thomas Hübl
Thomas Hübl is a visionary teacher, innovator, and founder of the Academy of Inner Science, which promotes the study of the principles of mysticism and human development. Originally a student of medicine and the physical sciences, for the past 15 years Hübl has dedicated himself to exploring how mystical knowledge can help fill in the gaps in science. Hübl’s work explores the leading edge of personal and collective transformation, combining meditative practices, somatic and subtle awareness, and conscious cultural engagement. Through in-person and online courses, Hübl has taught thousands of people how to awaken their highest potential by combining contemplative practices with the cutting edge of human developmental science. Hübl is also is co-founder of the Pocket Project, a global initiative whose mission is to integrate and heal collective trauma and reduce its effects worldwide. For more information about Thomas Hübl, visit

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