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Omega Institute Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

Omega Institute Celebrates
Earth Day Every Day

Ongoing Environmental Initiates are Backdrop to Earth Day Activates

RHINEBECK, NY – Omega Institute, a premier travel destination in New York's Hudson Valley, takes environmental responsibility seriously. In 2009, Omega received wide recognition for its ongoing environmental initiatives, and for the grand opening of one of the greenest buildings in the United States, the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, a state-of-the-art water reclamation facility and environmental education center. Omega offers ongoing educational opportunities for people to learn how to reduce their carbon footprint and live more lightly on the Earth. Today Omega staff will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with a series of activities, designed to inspire action.

"Sustainability is one of Omega's core values, not just on Earth Day but every day. As an environmental steward, Omega is dedicated to mitigating its environmental impact and to teach¬ing others how to adopt sustainable living practices," said Skip Backus, chief executive officer at Omega. "While we aspire to model environmental sustainability year-round in everything we do, we also recognize the importance of honoring the designated Earth Day with our global community," concluded Backus.

Today's Earth Day activities include several opportunities for Omega's 65 year-round, and 200 seasonal staff members to engage in mindful and sustainable actions. A staff carpool challenge has been organized with the short term goal aimed at a 50% reduction in the number of cars driven to campus today, and the long term goal to inspire employees to carpool on a more regular basis.

Staff will gather at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living for a wetland planting, morning tour, and sustainability talk by Backus, followed by a walk around the neighborhood to collect litter and support the local Town of Clinton community. An afternoon ecology walk will be offered to staff and guests in an effort to deepen awareness about the natural habitat of Omega's campus. In the evening, staff and guests are invited to view documentary films highlighting the beauty of our planet and the importance of protecting our natural resources for future generations.

Omega's commitment to sustainability includes recycling, composting, conservation, powering 100% of campus electricity through the purchase of wind and solar power, supporting sustainable agriculture and local business, and reducing green¬house gases through shuttle services, ride sharing, and LiveNeutral options. Omega offers guests a free weekly program titled, "The Low Carbon Diet," to teach people how to reduce their carbon footprint, and how to teach their local community about reducing its carbon footprint.

For more than three decades, Omega has hosted dozens of programs focused on environmental sustainability, with leaders like Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Maude Barlow, and many more. In 2010, Omega is offering eight sustainable living programs, including several programs for the affordable price of $125 for tuition. For complete details, visit or call 800.944.1001.

  • Join the Canvolution!, June 4–6 Special Price: $125
  • Grow Food Everywhere, July 2–4 Special Price: $125
  • The Sustainable Kitchen, July 9–11 Special Price: $125
  • Mindfulness Meditation in Nature, July 23–25
  • Wild Roots, Woodslore, & Wildwoods Wisdom, August 13–15
  • Biodiversity Conservation, August 22–27
  • Nature & the Human Soul, October 15–17
  • Design by Nature Conference, October 15–17

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) brings together natural water reclamation processes, clean energy, green architecture, and other sustainability elements that can be replicated locally and globally. Free public tours are offered year round, and students of all ages are welcome to visit. To find out about tours, email, or call 845.266.4444, ext. 377.

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