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April 2, 2008

Omega Institute to Host 5th Annual "Being Fearless" Conference in New York City

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Omega Institute to Host 5th Annual
"Being Fearless" Conference in New York City

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mia Farrow, and Valerie Plame Wilson to Discuss Redefining Human Security in Our Post 9/11 World

RHINEBECK, NY - The 5th Annual Being Fearless Conference, a gathering of more than 20 world class presenters and 900+ audience members, will be held in the heart of New York City, April 11-13, at the Sheraton New York Hotel. The conference will address how, in a post 9/11 world focused on "human security," most people's fears have intensified due to escalating war, increased terrorism, economic instability, and threats of global climate change. Through its stellar conference faculty, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mia Farrow, Valerie Plame Wilson, and many other well known leaders, writers, and speakers, Omega Institute's event is designed to inspire and give people tools to rise above their fears and become proactive agents of cultural change.

"Great societies have to change and adapt in order to grow and thrive. When faced with global issues, we must be willing to be bold in our commitment to human security," said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. "By presenting antidotes to fear, Omega is once again teaching people how to build a better world. Omega has an impressive history of bringing forth ideas and practices like yoga, complementary medicine, and sustainability, that once seemed to exist on the fringe and are now part of our every day language," said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The speakers will share a wide range of experiences and insight, from lessons drawn from Darfur, to practical ways of becoming more courageous by drawing on wisdom traditions and wellness approaches such as meditation and yoga.

"This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, in which basic human freedoms are guaranteed to all, yet there are places, such as Darfur, Eastern Chad, and Car, where people are suffering beyond description. We must take action to give meaning to the phrase 'never again'," said Mia Farrow. "Omega helps people approach these problems with a compassionate and fearless spirit," concluded Farrow.

"Fear often compels us to lash out with violence and build walls of separation when what is needed is to reach across divides to build relationships based on mutuality and our shared humanity," said Carla Goldstein, Director of External Affairs at Omega Institute.

The conference was created four years ago to provide a forum for people to work through the fear and anxiety created by 9/11. Speakers from previous years have included Al Gore, Christopher Reeve, and Jane Goodall.

"To be fearless is not to be without any fear, but rather to learn to embrace our shared vulnerabilities and to take action to build a compassionate world in the face of our fear," concluded Goldstein.

Tickets to the Being Fearless conference can be obtained by calling 800.944.1001 or by visiting To apply for a media pass, please visit the press page.

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