Omega to Host Marcia Ann Gillespie

Legendary Former Editor in Chief of Ms. and Essence Magazines to Lead Workshop on Bridging Differences

RHINEBECK, NY - Omega Institute, the nation's most trusted source for wellness and personal growth, is proud to announce that Marcia Ann Gillespie will be teaching "Bridging Differences," a 5-day workshop, set to take place September 16-21, 2007 on Omega's Rhinebeck campus. We live in a world where more diverse groups of people have greater contact than ever before. Our different customs and beliefs shape our response to gender, class, ethnic, religious, and racial differences. At a time when we experience so much division, polarization, and violence, Omega is seeking to give people real skills to handle "hot button" issues in ways that help us come together rather than tear us apart.

"Bridging social differences requires more than tolerance alone. In order for true inclusion, we have to work at understanding the ways in which we are interconnected in today's complex world," said Carla Goldstein, Director of External Affairs at Omega. "Honoring diversity is essential to transforming limited views and creating equality," concluded Goldstein.

Throughout the workshop, Gillespie will guide participants in actively dissecting preconceived beliefs by creating a safe space to explore how issues of diversity shape our relationships, and play out in the workplace and the larger society. Using frank conversation and creative play, Gillespie will encourage the sharing of stories to signal out attitudes and responses that point to areas of concern. She will provide positive guidance and real world advice for meeting the challenges and reaping the benefits of embracing diversity.

"Embracing diversity takes active participation; a willingness to step outside of our familiar comfort zone, allow for disagreement, and acknowledge, address and bridge our differences," stated Gillespie.

Those who work in education, government, health care, human resources and anyone eager to reconcile social differences are invited to attend this workshop to explore and honor our diversity.

Marcia Ann Gillespie, former editor in chief of Ms. and Essence magazines, recently served as the Johnetta B. Cole Global Diversity and Inclusion Institute's Professor of Diversity in Residence at Bennett College. Gillespie was a keynote speaker at the "Enlightened Power" conference hosted by Omega Institute in October, 2006.

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